Is it wrong not to enjoy singletrack?

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  • Is it wrong not to enjoy singletrack?
  • Mackem

    Burn the heretic, burn him!

    I like singletrack. If you dont, fine really, each to their own.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Weirdo. 😉


    Did you have a disturbed childhood? 😯

    Maybe you just have to let yourself get a bit more confident on it, so you're not worrying about what's coming up and the fact that you might not be able to go around it.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Each to their own.



    Fireroad uk is the magazine for you sir.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Sound like you need a road bike…

    I agree with OP. (Ducks for cover)

    But…I've decided to find out what all this fuss about riding on artificial trails through artificial forests is all about. So I've got myself a nice steel hardtail, and will spend the winter hammering round Llandegla, Marin, Penmachno, Gisburn, Grizedale, Whinlatter et al. I'll probably go mad around New Year and get wild cravings for some nice Lakeland/Dales or even Todmorden riding. But it will be fun finding out.

    EDIT _ It MIGHT be fun finding out.


    I prefer rocky peaks bridlepaths with multiple line choices to singletrack.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    are you a lazy git like me? – I don't much enjoy "level" singletrack because it's most fun when you're going fast & I don't always feel like making the effort

    (shit, that's probably a bigger crime, isn't it ?)


    ride what you like. it's all cycling

    I may disagree with you[1], but I'll fight to the death to defend your right to have an opinion of your own

    [1]I like singletrack[2]
    [2]but then I love being up on the moors with a big horizon all round too


    I sympathise. Sometimes I appreciate the meditative aspect of cycling – physical effort without having to keep ones brain in gear constantly to avoid physical injury. Is that what you mean?


    mmmmmmmm – singletrack… cant be beaten.


    i know what you mean chunky_pott.i hate having to ride ruts,that were made by 4×4's/trailbikes.constantly smacking your pedals on the sides.(am not the greatest off road technician).


    I fully appreciate its because I'm crap at riding it but as a mountain biker should I love singletrack? I seem to find it a bit tedious sometimes and prefer wider(probably easier), more open trails. Anyone else feel the same or am i alone on this one?

    It's all good. Except descending forest roads.

    I do like wide/fast/techy bits but also twisty bits which are rare on b-ways. Exmoor had some ace singletrack on the open hills – [err footpaths]. Much of trail centre riding is relatively wide but I thinks the major exception is Penmachno which is why it feels so natural. It's even getting a bit overgrown!

    4×4 ruts are just terrible once they get deep.


    move up North then.


    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I think I can get where you're coming from, I'm not the best bike handler in the world either yesterday we had a great ride through the French countryside ending up having a picnic at a lake with the kids, the French country lanes are great, you can ride for miles without hitting a main road and most of them are just farm access type roads, unmettaled but good for riding along with the kids. I enjoyed that one ride far better than anything else I've done recently!

    Big Dave

    If you're on a bike and enjoying yourself then its all good in my opinion.

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