Is it worth having my rp23 Pushed by TFtuned?

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  • Is it worth having my rp23 Pushed by TFtuned?
  • fozzybear

    do you have any issue with it's working or feel that you need more out the shock (i.e. more bottom out resistance? stop it blowing though the middle of the stroke etc?) if you think yes then do it..

    else no
    just get it serviced.

    (my heckler was bottoming out although i had the sag right, i got it pushed to have more middle and bottom out resistance was perfect after that, i had a marin that was perfect as it was, no tuning needed)


    ask TF
    i sent mine asking for a push and they contacted me to say its not worth it


    my rp23 is going in for a service, is it worth paying the extra for it to be pushed?

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    What Gooner said, TF don't "sell" they advise.


    That's what we need more of – good honest advice.
    I'd bet that 99% of people wold go to them later if they needed something and probably be prepared to pay slightly more, just "because" Think a lot of companies could learn from that.

    Well I phoned them and am sending it in for a service, and possible Push if they think it's necessary!

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    I was thinking of getting my Float R Pushed along with a service recently so I phoned TFT, and it happened that the guy I spoke to had a Trance with a Pushed shock and said it was worth it.

    He was right too, it's a great improvement – even though I was happy with the performance before.

    He said it would feel like the bike had more travel, but that's not really how I'd describe it.

    It seems to prop me up better (a bit like a coil shock), and then not plunge through the stroke so quickly – but stays supple throughout the travel.

    Seems to deal with multiple fast hits (such as root sections) better, in that I can feel less going on underneath me in terms of suspension action.

    If anything I'd say it makes my 4in Trance feel like a 4in travel bike (but one with really great suspension) – because it sometimes felt like a longer travel bike before.

    I've waffled a bit, but I hope that helps anyway.


    Another vote for TFT and PUSH here. Transformed my Specialized Enduro, the PUSHed shock came back outperforming my coil sprung Romic. I hadn't expected that.

    chakaping. i thought it'd be pointless in getting my float r pushed on my trance. but with you talking about how it felt like a longer travel bike (which mine does) i'm now thinking about getting it done!
    Any chance you can waffle some more about the change it has made to your trance? very interested indeed
    Just about to get dual air revelations done as i'm an aggressive rider and they need a service anyway (leaking oil into lowers)

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    Not sure what I can add, but will try for you.

    Previously the shock felt good, but slightly "constipated" by the permanent halfway-level propedal tune – I have a RP2 on my Reign which I normally run with no propedal so it was easy to tell the difference.

    After the Push tune, this feeling is gone – but it doesn't go through it's travel nearly so easily as a Float with PP off. Basically the suspension action is much more composed all the way through the stroke, and even though I still get full travel on my regular local ride it always manages to feel more taut.

    I never thought the bike was wallowy before, but it just feels more responsive, controlled and faster now – without sacrificing comfort or traction.

    In fact it probably keeps traction better over fast bumpy bits.

    Hope that helps. Where you based? I live near London but will be riding near Leeds this weekend if you want a go?


    before you go via the pUSHD route what size air can is on your RP23?

    i have a Heckler with a 09 RP23 High volume air can – my problem while getting the correct sag I was blowing through the travel far too easily. I did i little hunting around on MTBR and some guys have put shims inton the high volume air sleeve which reduces the amount of air that goes into the shock – in reality it means you run 10-15% more psi, have a bit more sag so you sit further in the travel but it fails to bottom out and the mid to end stroke is more progressive.

    Trust me this works for me on my Heckler!

    if you need the link let me know, its probably an hours work and while your at it its a good time to do a seal service!


    I have the 08 rp23, so it's the standard size air can. I've sent it off to be PUSHD, and am expecting (and hoping) it will be back tomorrow! 😐

    Will return once I've given it a work-out on Sunday and report on what I think.
    I'm actually thinking that having it tuned to my "athletic" 106kg will give probably benefit me more benefit, than if I was average, as I'd imagine that most shox are set-up for joe average. – we'll see!

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