Is it worth getting into 'stocks & shares' as the everyman with everyman funds?

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  • Is it worth getting into 'stocks & shares' as the everyman with everyman funds?
  • Tom_W1987

    They would have done if your investment period was 10-20 years, as monkeycanmonkeydo stated – it’s about the long game.

    Yes, 1k over a lifetime isn’t worth it – but IMO it starts becoming worth it at around 10k – and investing bit by bit earlier on is better than going and ploughing it in all at once.

    In regards to the “old rich” comment…again, don’t expect to get rich overnight – it should be about beating inflation in the medium-long term, to better the lives of your children or grandchildren…or having a bit more savings to fall back on….playing your hand the best you can.

    This guy, had the right idea…


    Tom – perhaps I didn’t explain it well and I certainly don’t know the details – but what my dad did was much greater than what a tracker fund achieved over that time. As I said some years he more than doubled his money and no year did he make a loss. It was a hobby for him but one that was very lucrative

    You really do like to pontificate with little knowledge sometimes. NO tracker fund doubles in a year. No tracker fund turns a few thousand into many tens of thousands in ten years

    HIs profits from his few thousand stake took the entire family ( 8 people) to the Seychelles for two weeks full board one year. He started with a few thousand and several times took many tens of thousands out of his fund.


    Alright so we got;

    Stock and Shares ISA
    Managed Fund
    Tracker Fund

    These are the three things I need to look into and choose what is right for me, right?

    I could put £5k into something for 5-indefinite years. I’d probably struggle to justify more than that with the dreams of a house somewhere over the horizon, but could obviously top it up over time if i’m confident.

    Fifteen to twenty years would be much better.Stick it in the Bankers Investment Trust if you want some safety.Neil


    If it’s long term (i,e not 2 years) – stick it in a passive global equity tracker and forget about it.

    Or if you believe the technology story and are willing to stomach some volatility,how about SMT.Cracking record and low costs for a trust.

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