is it still possible to have one bike for everything?

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  • is it still possible to have one bike for everything?
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    commuting, playing, trails etc and what would it be, a HT, FS?

    i’ve got 4, but what if i only had one from

    can it be done?


    Course it is.

    HT: Chameleon
    FS: Prophet

    or have one of each, a singlespeed, a road bike, a downhill bike, a BMX, 4 different inbreds, a cotic, an alpine and another chameleon just incase you fancy a change one day.


    Depends how much money you have.


    Spesh Stumpy HT
    Spesh Stumpy FSR

    and if I had to only have one… it would be HT


    It isn’t possible to have one bike do everything that is possible to do on a bike. It is possible to get by with one bike but you have to accept the compromise that it involves.

    The most reasonable compromise is a Hard-Tail, slicks for the road, knobblies off.


    I only have one bike a Scandal H/T but I have two sets of wheels one with road tyres on and one with knobblies.

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    Surly Crosscheck


    You’ve seen them……you want one……tricycle 😉


    no it’s not

    Premier Icon nickc

    Recently got shot of all my off road bikes (Hummer, Nicolai Helius, and Inbred SS) and got me-self a Chameleon. Should’ve done it before. The only thing I get next is a “filthy” conditions SS.

    Stiff Hardtails with a long travel fork is the way forward

    rusty trowel

    Not possible for my riding.

    road bike
    ht mtb
    race bmx

    All do a different job.


    You did say everything, so no it’s not.
    The UCI wouldn’t let me take my road bike, let alone mtb on to the velodrome for track racing. But I wouldn’t want someone in amongst us with brakes so would complain myself.

    ht mtb (fs in pipeline)
    2 x road bike (winter/training one and summer/race one)
    2 x track bike (old one on turbo trainer and spare in case of crash damage to regular one)
    plodding bike – for shops etc

    Six, coming on seven.
    I could narrow it to three but why? They’re paid for now.


    I used to have one, but decided that to keep the costs down I need a road bike.

    Replacing used parts on my HT for the same level ones would probably cost more than my road bike, and drivetrain on a road bike lasts way longer.

    Used to cycle everywhere instead of taking a bus (before strating uni) so basically my road bike paid for itself after a year and than started to earn me money for saving on bus passes.

    Currently have two bikes:
    XC HT for offroad fun
    Road/Commuter bike for everything else

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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