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  • Smee

    Coffeeking – do you know me? No, well shut the **** up.

    Premier Icon aracer

    I guess he’s just going on your internet persona, like most of the rest of us on here. If you don’t like that, then maybe you should avoid STW and go and hang out just with people who actually know you!


    I don’t mind people I don’t know thinking I’m a smug, arrogant **** so I’ll do this sort of stuff to them when I’m out riding. If it’s people I know who I’ve arranged a ride with, and presumably therefore I like, I’ll just stick with them. I’ve elected to go on a social ride with people who’s speed I already know about, bombing around like a **** would just make it look like I’d rather gone out with someone else.


    If I’m out riding with some mates, I expect to chat to them at the start, at the end, and at a few places in-between as we re-group. Other than that, I expect everyone to go at their own pace and do their own thing. I don’t expect to cycle around holding hands. Now that really would be gay.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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