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  • daveh

    Pre special:

    456 = £135, postage £15

    Free post christmas special:

    456 = £150, postage free.

    Is it me?


    is that freepost christmas special?
    or free post-christmas special?
    do I really care?


    In full it is:

    Free UK Shipping!!!
    ALL ORDERS between now and Christmas will FREE SHIPPING to the UK Mainland. Same Day dispatch for Next-Day delivery. With our move to our NEW warehouse, this is just the start of things to come….

    Must be me then, must look like a cabbage.

    the only price that went up was frames – by 15 quid , our frame prices are cut to the bone and its the only item that we had to adjust price on. So yes frames really no difference , but thats only about 5% of our total business

    all other items – shimano . fsa . rockshox , on-one parts / accessoroes , planet x , luu lights etc etc – all go to carriage free no price change , same day despatch , next day delivery . I think were cheaper than wiggle and chain reaction on most things .

    We think its clearer now , the price you see is the price you pay and were on same despatch terms as the big two , plus there no longer any surcharge from us for scottish highlands .

    dave@planetx, can i ask a quick question about the tyre sale?

    on your home sale page you have the tyres all listed as BOGOF:: Michelin/ Continental etc…, and discounted of up to 60 odd percent. Does this mean you are selling the tyres at a tenner each AND Buy One Get One Free? I only ask as i tried to add two to the checkout and the total came up at £20 (i.e. not getting one free). Not that i am complaining at the price- it is still cheaper than anywhere else 20 quid for 2 tyres, but was just a tiny bit confused? will probably get some in the next week, but just wanted clarification really!

    And a cheeky question- are you always going to be offering such good deals, or is this until you get to move into your new warehouse?



    OK, thanks Dave. Its the lovely chocolate brown 456 I'm trying to resist. I don't need a new frame, I don't really even want a new frame but they look too nice and they're really good value for money. I'm localish though, and will be very local when you move (near Magna is it?). For pick up the frames have just gone up £15. 😥

    defaultslipper – yes good point that is confusing , theyre now 9.99 each which is cheaper than BOGOF but Stevo forgot to take off the bogof reference which is in the product description . Were going to be doing ongoing good deals , and developping our pick pack business (as opposed to purely on-one or planet x) – when the new warehouse opens and new back end system and front end website goes live in 3-4 months it will enable us to develop this . For those with a good memory well be restarting priceshaggers which will have the biggest offers .

    daveh – yes another good point , well sort something out to compensate for pickers up getting penalised on frames , maybe well offer a discount for collection , or a free jersey or something , another of our pushes is to get more customers in planet x on-one clothing , which is obviously good for us . (though we keep running out). Anyway if you do buy a frame and want to collect mail me and ill help sort something to appease you.

    Premier Icon bonzodog

    Good Customer Service from PX/OO there Id say.

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    get in!


    Good Customer Service from PX/OO there Id say.

    get in!



    I want a pair of Oury grips, but feel bad just spending £6.49 and getting free postage. Bargain though!

    How do the mx1 microlights compare to frogs (in terms of waterproofness and light output)? My frogs don't like the wet and I need to replace them; I was waiting for the exposure standalone rear light to come out, but I'm starting to wonder if that will even be this year.


    daveplanetx – Member
    "Anyway if you do buy a frame and want to collect mail me and ill help sort something to appease you. "

    i do want a frame, and i do want to collect, and i also want to pay cash on collection!! is that possible?


    I too have been fighting an urge to buy a frame I don't need, and was hoping to collect… 😥

    sohala – ok mail me and well knock the 15 quid off when you collect

    podman – mx1 microlights compare to frogs (in terms of waterproofness and light output)? – we think theyre better , stevos done some lightmeter tests , if he gets a minute ill get him to pop up on website .
    However those skully lights are real retina burners .


    @daveplanetx – Member

    you can't say fairer than that! emailed info@on-one about 2 hrs ago, and stevo replied within the hour, now dave's replied on here!

    good customer service at on-one 😉

    expect mail in the morning, need to check the diary for best collection day.

    okay.. my dark room & riding around Sheffield test results with compact commuter LEDs.
    Light measurements taken at centre of beam (brightest point) at 2metres

    Skully's 2x leds = 1.3lx = widest beam with 180deg max traffic visibility. pin point leds also brightest when directly into traffic

    Crops 1x led = 4.0lx = = 70cm med beam allows good traffic visibility

    knog beetle 2x led = wide beam / 2.6lx = wide beam allows traffic to see from all angles

    knog frog 1x led = 50cm spot beam / 7.0lx = only good for directly facing traffic


    Thanks for those numbers! The link to "view more details" for the Skully's is broken- what do they use a pair of CR2032's? What's the runtime like?

    Why don't you do a Red LED/ white skull? Skulls should be white (or glow in the dark….)!




    Hi Dave,

    whilst you here, are there any plans to do another limited run of the 853 SS specific frames?

    BTW the ti456 is all it was cracked up to be – phenomenal, thanks.

    & Brendan "Doc" says hello

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    "frames … thats only about 5% of our total business"

    I'm surprised, really surprised. I always saw P-X as a frame designer/dealer with a bike company bolted on rather than a bike company that sold frames.

    i meant on-one frames as a % of our total turnover , actually to be fair its probably more like 10-15% , on-one represents about 25-30% of our global turnover , and on-one frames are about 50% of on-one turnover – so thats about 10-15% .

    Its probably dropping down a bit as a % because our pick pack parts business is growing very rapidly as were finally getting our back end systems sorted and are pretty much running consistently on same day despatch , next day delivery , and now free shipping .

    to be fair on-one frames should be a lot higher but we have never really got our stock right , weve been out of stock far too often , sort of feast or famine .

    Theres no plans for an 853 SS specific frame – weve three or four big projects on right now ,

    – obviously the carbon frames – 456 / 29er / 26xc
    – further discussions with van nicholas about switching ti production to them to produce an updated 456 with
    some improvements
    – a full merino made in Fiji line of base layers , boxers , outerwear , etc
    – an updated pompino

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