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  • Is it just me or are a lot of components made badly now?
  • Premier Icon Stiggy
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    Everything seems to be made of cheese all of a sudden!
    This is all on a recent build of mine within 2 – 3 months:
    Reynolds wheels went back (excessive play in the rear hub), currently being fixed.
    XT Shadow Plus lost all tension, replaced.
    X0 cranks splines not mating properly, bad forging, replaced.
    Revelations weren’t getting full travel, fixed.
    That should all be good kit and at least they’ve all been rectified but that’s a lot of grief and downtime.
    Is it just bad luck or the way things are?
    They’re not grey imports either…

    Premier Icon composite
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    Just bad luck IMO. The fact that they were replaced with working versions says to me that they aren’t made of cheese. If the replacements had all failed as well then I think you would have a point.

    Premier Icon stumpy01
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    Can’t think of the last thing I bought that didn’t work out of the box or has broken shortly after.

    Sounds like bad luck.

    Premier Icon Stiggy
    Full Member

    Fair enough, maybe I’m an evil person and am just using up bad karma! 😀

    Premier Icon emac65
    Free Member

    My shimano spd’s used to last years before the bearings were loose,these days it seems to be about 18mths & they’re rattling…..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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