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  • Is every large company basically evil?
  • CountZero
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    try O2, if the network works for you, but wait a week, they are about to announce rate this week i think

    they split the device cost from the airtime, only the airtime increases yearly based on inflation +3.9%

    all the others are under investigation for charging beyond the initial contract length, when in theory the device will have been paid off.

    O2 have been doing that for ages, IIRC, once the device plan is paid off, you just carry on paying the airtime, which I did for three years, until my iPhone 11 started to show a few issues.
    I now use their Step-up plan where I can upgrade my phone at any time, no questions asked. When I upgraded my iPhone 14 Pro Max to a 15, I actually got a £50 refund, and when I went from my iPhone 11 to the 14, I was paying exactly the same amount as I had been paying for the 11, until the device was paid off.

    Oh, and in answer to the original question, some are Lawful Evil, some are Neutral Evil, and some are Chaotic Evil, some are Lawful Good, some are Neutral Good and some are Chaotic Good, then there’s the Lawful Evil, the Neutral Evil and the worst of the bunch, the Chaotic Evil.

    I’ll leave it to the good folk of STW to decide what alignment various major corporations actually are. 😉

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