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  • xiphon

    You will need a +20mm rotor for the caliper.

    Is it an old silver 2-part M4? Caliper #5 = 165mm

    Is it a mk1 mono M4? Caliper #5 = 160mm

    You need either 180 or 185 rotors

    Yes, it’s an old silver 2 part M4.
    I already have a 185 rotor fitted to the wheel, is there a IS to post mount adapter that will fit ?
    Thanks for reply

    bought the same part from clee after advice from here for my m4 caliper.
    worked a treat and didn’t have to change rotor – great stuff 🙂


    If you get the mount Clee cycles state is for 160mm you can then just use your existing caliper and rotor (that is what I did with a hope mini). It was a quite tight getting it to fit and I think I ended up needing a shim/washer between the caliper and mount.

    Hello, I’ve searched the forum for this but can’t find any info for my caliper. I’m looking at fitting a no5 hope M4 IS caliper (old silver type with hope logo etched on side of caliper) to Rockshox sector forks with post mount fittings, size of rotor 185mm.
    I called in to my local leisure lakes bike shop and they said hope don’t make one and i would need a new post mount caliper half, however seen this would the 180mm adapter work ? (thinking the no5 caliper is 160mm) so small shimming also?
    Thanks, Paul

    Thanks for the replies, sounds good, Lbs said it couldn’t be done but i think they just meant with hope adapters.

    Baldman, was your rotor 160mm or 180?


    180mm I think (though it was one of the early hope minis from 2003 with the solid aluminium caliper so it may have been something odd like 183mm).

    looking at the clee website it’s this one i need —
    180mm Disc Calliper Adapter – 20mm increase in rotor size – will fit a 160mm IS Calliper to a post fork to run a 180mm rotor – includes black spacers and washers.
    As I think the hope m4 no5 caliper is 160mm — someone correct me if i’m wrong ?


    the Clee 160mm can be used to fit 180 or larger with no increase in rotor size required. Somewhere I have a pic to prove it, but my internet link in this hotel is crap and I can’t be bothered trying to find it. sorry

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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