Is anyone using Formula R0 brakes?

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  • Is anyone using Formula R0 brakes?
  • FuzzyWuzzy

    The new oval piston ones, if so how are they and any issues with bleeding?

    I’m looking to replace my current K18’s and German-sourced Shimano XT or SLX seem the obvious choice these days but some of the reviews mentioning lack of modulation and weird lever feel put me off (+ lack of spares). That said they sound easier to bleed than my current Formula brakes and not having to worry about the shelf life of Dot fluid would be handy. Given the price difference the R0’s would need to be very good…


    I guess they’re not very popular then…

    I’ve got some dude. Don’t think the Oval makes a fat lot of difference and I’m yet to do a long enough descent to experience any benefit of the cooling fins on the piston. But by god, are they powerful. Modulate nicely too. Bled them out of the box. Not for ‘trail centre’ use really, too powerful you will be over the bars and have zero tred left. Alps use or aggressive DH use only. You really need to be (like me) heavy for these otherwise you will have fun locking up. You will need ‘good’ rotors like the HOPE V2s. Go f203 and r180 for cooling, modulation and power. Easy to setup with the feel control thingy and the reach adjustment. They are expensive but if you can find a bargain then they work out cheaper than ‘The ONEs’ And they look fookin’ cool in chrome!

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    +1 for one finger braking.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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