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  • Is Amazon kids shite?
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    Mother got the kids a fire tablet and I’ve set up profiles for them with the age range set to eleven (literally) but when searching half the annoying garbage they normally watch on YouTube kids on the telly doesn’t come up (I know, what a shame) this has however seemingly devalued the user experience in their view. it
    It does seem to bring up very little when I type sonic the hedgehog for example, is this just what its like? Or am i missing something (probably).

    Premier Icon TroutWrestler
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    I think your initial assessment may be correct.

    Premier Icon BenjiM
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    You can add more from the adult login, movies you’ve bought, apps etc. There’s a pretty good selection of books tbh. If they’re after the more mainstream stuff such as Minecraft you’ll have to add that seperately.

    The key thing is it’s a “safe” environment for them to use. Also safe for your wallet in that you don’t end up getting billed £9.99 for a pink punk hairdo on their PUBG avatar.

    Premier Icon mashr
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    It gets a big thumbs up in this house. But if you’ve let the YouTube genie out of the bottle then I could imagine you’re probably screwed

    Premier Icon multi21
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    Yeah love the curated YouTube bit tbh. Stops mine watching all manner of creepy shit which masquerades as kids content.

    I absolutely hate the Amazon fire ui as a whole though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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