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  • Is Alpkit gear any good?
  • wl

    Seen Alpkit stuff online and it looks and sounds too good (cheap) to be true. Is it? Cheers.


    I have a Gamma, Airic and Hunka all very good. Will buy a pipedream in the new year.


    have some of there clothing and waterproof jeans and its all good stuff


    I've got quite a number of their bits and bobs and they are all very good. Certainly recommended by me.

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    Can't fault any of it..

    The Bivi bages are spot on, as is their Ti stuff..

    Got loads of their dry bags, and they are spotty dog.


    Got a SkyHigh sleeping bag, Gourdon dry-rucksack, drybags, Jeanius waterproof jeans all of it excellent quality and an absolute bargain. Would recommend them to anyone.


    I've got the Gourdon 20 backpack and the Jeanius water-resistant jeans, jeans work nicely, backpack is my preferred overnight ride pack and has lasted a year of use on and off the bike well.

    I've also got the Tifoon (titanium spork) which I love. The service from them is usually super quick as well.


    Yup they are great.


    Stock levels are generally shocking though.


    Dry bags, Mini Airic and Gamma headtorch all top notch… 🙂


    Got a gamma head torch and its just spiffy for the price. Wish it was a touch more powerful, but its £15 all in so i am after moon on a stick.


    Gordon drybag – perfect commuter rucksack and 1 year on… going strong!

    Drybags – do what they need too and cheap as chips

    LED Lantern – awesome power, light and almost too cheap!

    Filo jackets – just got one, really warm and fits well, perhaps not as tough / well made as my old north face and mate's Rab, but unless you can get these half price alpkit is the one.

    Agree – stock is shocking, cant seem to keep up with demand, especially the Filo (had to wait until following year for mine and spend hours trying to buy during the frenzy). Delivery is fantastic though and quality much better than price suggests – if they could get stock sorted it would be perfect.

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    stock is all over the place! the the online status is a true reflection.

    Aside from that, the kit is very very good. I have a down jacket, bivvy bag and head torch. All totally bargainacious.


    Sounds like a general thumbs up then. Cheers.

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    If you want a good nights sleep I can recommend their 75mm thick sleep mat. My missus sleeps like a log on it and therefore does not wake me, or the kids up complaining about not sleeping in the tent.

    got one of their down bags – the half zip 780g ones which are no longer made. 6 weeks round iceland, was almost too warm… in fact its so warm i sometimes wish i'd got one not as warm…

    got a down jacket too which is nearly 4 years old now, very nice, still used regularly.

    also got a bouldering mat of theirs which i need to use more…

    top stuff, bottom prices.


    Not as good as the top-end stuff that costs hundreds more but it's damn good stuff. Damn wonderful stuff at the price really.

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    Got the little lantern based on the review in the mag, and it has been excellent – currently serving as the shed light in the storage shed.

    They are local to me so I'm biased, but they have been very helpful when I've contacted them and popped in

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    Ive got a Hunka bivvy bag, loads of dry bags, a couple of Slim Airic sleeping mats, a Lantern and a Gamma Headtorch. All are really really good, seem to be lasting well after a fair amount of use/abuse and are flippin good value. I cant complain about the stock levels as they seem to get new kit in reasonably quick. My first order from them had a nice handwritten "thank-you" on the invoice too!

    Hopefully Santa will bring me a down sleeping bag too 🙂


    My first order from them had a nice handwritten "thank-you" on the invoice too!

    Yeah I got that too – its actually a really nice touch isn't it? 🙂


    Gamma headtorch and some water repelling jeans. Though they don't do much repelling after a couple of washes… They do dry MUCH quicker than normal untreated denim though.


    Got a pair of jeanius jeans and they are great. Seem to be well made and v comfortable.

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    1 Across is still bugging me. …T / A…. / .P.R.

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