Is a cheap road bike better than an expensive mountain bike?

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  • Is a cheap road bike better than an expensive mountain bike?
  • I'd definitely say so…




    Large style.

    I bought a specialized allez some time ago for a lot less than a grand and it is much quicker on the road than a slick tyred mtb

    only negative i found is it feels like the wheels are sooo fragile, after crashing around on a mtb, you really feel the difference

    good luck with the triathlons, did my first last year and i love them now!


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    My winter road bike (Allez) weighs more than my Top Fuel, but I know which is better on the road…

    TTs/tris are all about aerodynamics and position, you just can't get the same position on an MTB.


    Depends on the mountain bike and how much modification you do – but in all likelihood a proper road bike will be significantly faster.


    By a country mile.

    Cheers guys. Looks like a new toy will be had shortly then!


    Got a light, racy MTB HT and an Allez (2010 Elite) and the Allez is a fair bit quicker but also more responsive – it's also very light for a near standard £800 bike! Only downside is the much worse brakes…

    The hardtail hasn't had a look in since I went full-sus so I'm thinking of trading it for a road bike and having a bash at some triathlons, TT and such like. If I only have a bit to spend on a road bike (less than 1k) will it still be better than sticking slicks on the hardtail?


    you can get a fantastic road bike for around £1k. even a cheap one will be faster for the same effort.


    For a grand go for second hand, likely to be much less 'abused' than s/h MTB, and less bits to wear out on frames/forks etc. Should be able get something fairly nice. Decent wheels are biggest priority.


    Guy at work got a Focus Cayo although he got his for a little over £800, which is a total bargain in my opinion – FWIW it would be my £1k road bike of choice.

    Go second hand, you should get a bottom rung bike for about £300

    something like a trek 1000, cannondale r500, it'll weigh 19/20lb but spend the change on new wheels, tyres and tubes and it'll lose nearly 2lb of that. New cranks and pedals probably another 300g.

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    I got a Cayo 105 last year (£985), full carbon frame, Shimano 105 groupset (which is around the middle of the groupset range). Incredibly light, very different riding experience, very very quick to accelerate compared to an MTB. Definitely better on road than an MTB.

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    something like a trek 1000, cannondale r500, it'll weigh 19/20lb

    My Allez Elite weighs 21lbs, a basic Trek 1000 will be 22/23lbs, mainly in the wheels!

    I'd go for a Boardman or Focus or something, you can get some absolutely stonking bikes for £1000. Alternatively, go for a £1000 s/h bike, chance to get a stonking deal then.


    my road bike is a twenty year old Raleigh. A whole ten gears (only five of which work on a regular basis) and wheels that make a taco look flat.

    But… It's very quick on the roads and, if it wasn't for that lovely new bike feeling that I am getting right now with my Malt 2, I'd be using it for the commute. It just takes so much less effort to get up the hills and breezes along the flat sections.

    I could get another one to do the same job, maybe something a touch newer with working gears, but then I would not be able to ride the new bike, and I have way too much fun on that to risk ruining it.

    there seems to be two mr potatoheads on this site ! whats the chances of that happening ?

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    I got a £750 Boardman roadbike on CTW last year to do triathlons with.

    It's rather brilliant – much lighter and better on road than my old HT – I also hardly ever rode the HT as the Full Sus locked out was just as good.

    It's a no brainer IMO


    Road bike is a lot quicker, I put slicks on my Full suss for commuting then bought the Carbon Boardman for £999, frighteningly quick.

    My Allez Elite weighs 21lbs, a basic Trek 1000 will be 22/23lbs, mainly in the wheels!

    The allez elite, cannondale R500 and Trek 1000/1200 were all the same price braket and similar weights. I went for the cannondale on looks and a reputation for being comfortable over longer rides, reviews were mixed between the spesh and trek, trek seemed to be harsh, spesh to be a bit too wobbly under power, but different reviews said different things. The Cannondale was always the heaviest but it has by far the heavierst wheels so the most to gain from new ones, which were th first thign I got and they transformed it.


    as been said, road bikes tend to cost less for same place in the range. Don't forget as they wear out less quickly you're ongoing costs will be lower so you can afford to spank more when you buy it 🙂
    Don't forget to get road shoes and pedals – more comfortable when you're pedalling continually for 4 hours
    and it will do wonders for leg strength and fitness.
    Join a club, group riding is ace!


    I'd say fitness comes from caning miles on a cheapish roadbike. Then the miles on the mountain bike are more fun!

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