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  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    being rubbish.

    I must irritate everyone I ride with 🙁

    Faffing when you’re ready to set off.


    turning up late.
    stopping for dinner on a 2hr ride….
    peoples bikes that need fixing EVERY ride at least ounce.

    Stopping in the middle of the trial
    Dropping litter
    Complaining that the bike not working correctly – Irritating yet something I’m sometimes guilty of
    Talking about how that latest widget makes the bikes feel so much lighter / faster/ more comfortable, the widget with no doubt be replaced by another better widget soon.


    Turning up late with something broken making departure later.

    This takes some beating, and people who insist on setting off at the front on descents when they aren’t the fastest then whinge about you almost parking your bike in their bum-crack on the way down. You can’t have it both ways! 👿


    people that whinge about others


    +1 turning up with a broken bike. Mmmmmeeuuuuaaaaarggh!!!


    Smart arses


    Snotting. It’s bloody disgusting.

    Yes, I’m looking at you, Nobby…

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Nowt. Just accept that we’re all weirdos.

    Chill. 8)


    wwaswas – Member

    being rubbish.

    I must irritate everyone I ride with

    I base my whole cycling hobby on this! Be proud! 😀


    Complimenting oneself having ridden a challenging trail/jump.
    A worse rider picking holes in my technique.
    People thinking they are much faster/better then they are.
    Blaming a lack of ability on the bike!!!!!!!!!!!
    People being rubbish at sticking to a plan / backing out of riding a matter of hours/ the day before.

    I do however completely understand mechanicals having been through so many myself……………

    However, well worth putting up with the occasional annoyances to go riding with a mate /mates and in reality all of the above rarely happen 🙂

    EDIT: Asking to put loads of stuff in my backpack when they haven’t brought their own!!!!!!

    Off road: Broken or poorly maintained bike.

    Road: As above and twitchy feckers.

    Edit, Going on an all dayer in the mountains with a friend who has skipped breakfast and packed half a pack of wine gums then expects to tuck into your supplies. 👿


    Folks turning up late for a ride.
    Faff’idge when there’s nothing wrong with the bike/clothing/hair..


    faffing, FAFFING!
    put headphones on, take headphones off, change track, put helmet on, take helmet off, having a wee, having a poo, stopping to drink, check map, check phone, phone wife, phone mum, phone effing landlord, up saddle, down saddle, put jacket on, take jacket off.
    I could go on.

    Premier Icon portlyone

    A certain amount of faffing is ok, unless it’s cold!

    Others being able to climb like mountain goats is pretty irritating!


    Going quickly, including over rough ground and obstacles, not falling off, and not being completely knackered/close to death. Bloody annoying and very inconsiderate.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Buggering off and leaving the newbie eating their epic dust.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    It has been done for colleagues in chat so what irritates you about people you ride with.

    For me:
    Turning up late with something broken making departure later.
    Male bum cleavage on show. – not necessary.
    Unable to sort your own bike.
    Being competitive on a social group ride when you know it is a social group ride.
    Wandering off at a stop and then wondering why folk went without you.

    What frustrates you?


    -Slow riders who won’t move out the way, or who think they are faster than they are.
    -Moaning. Your on your bike, not at work, enjoy it.



    Turning up late with something broken making departure later.


    Dropping litter


    These things can always be turned around though? I have a riding buddy who fails every single time to anticipate the need to change gears on sharp climbs that follow rapid descents. On one particular rise he changes from the big ring/small cog combo to big cog/granny in one hit, breaking his chain every single time without fail. I’ve started to put bits of broken chain on a fencepost next to the spot, and there’s a tidy collection of them now. Naturally if he’s being a pain or not pulling his weight on a ride, I’ll detour to this point. So instead of him being the big man all ride, there’s a little humble pie for him to have mid-spin.

    Premier Icon puppypower

    Arriving late then faffing
    Sexist comments (eg you’re quite good … For a girl, you’re a girl, how come you ride a mountain bike?)
    Moaning – don’t bloody come out then if you don’t enjoy it (especially my husband)
    Moaning you’re going to be slow and then being really fast (especially my husband)
    Squeaking bikes (especially my husband)
    Pushing in front before a downhill when you’re a mincer
    Being overly competitive, taking it too seriously


    Pretty much all of the above—so I found a really great solution:
    I usually ride solo and enjoy it so much more


    One more:

    I have a riding buddy who 2/3rds into a ride ( we have loops where we time ourselves ) shouts “lets do this”

    I want to punch him.


    Skids on trails that have been painstakingly built by others.
    Blaming any poor riding on the bike.
    Folk turning up late and stand around blethering/smoking failing to notice everyone is ready to go.
    Bikers that smoke.
    People that are better than me!


    Bikers that smoke



    It’s gross! 😉

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Nothing overly bothers me, I’m just greatful when I have someone to ride with.

    Full face helmet,Ninja Turtle gear and downhill bike to ride down the blue route at Glentress before getting in a van waiting at the bottom to take them back to the Buzzards Nest after whooping and backslapping each other on scaring the bairns on the way down.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Same as everyone really…

    – being late
    – not bringing own food then eating most of mine which makes me hit the wall later…
    – turning up with a bike that needs fixing all the time
    – trying to dictate whilst on on a group ride about the route
    – not being supportive of others or celebrating their successes

    How I’m annoying: –
    – pre-ride faffing
    – post-ride analysis
    – sometimes being grumpy at start of rides in bad weather
    – being me


    It’s gross!

    ok but why bikers and not just smokers? I am genuinely interested to know why this bother you. I am a smoker and get some funny looks off some folk when out on the bike and i wondered why.

    I am a smoker and get some funny looks off some folk when out on the bike and i wondered why.

    I got tutted at and pretty much ignored for the rest of an event I was at by a bloke I was chatting to for smoking a tab on route to the bar. I nailed him to the wall the following day on the first climb and never seen him again all race. 😀

    Premier Icon righog

    I can honestly say that I have yet to be irritated by what other people do on rides, I ride with a few different groups and kinda know what to expect before I go.

    But the weather…Now that really irritates me.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i hate it when everyone on the ride forgets to bring cake


    Remind me never to go on a ride with you fussy buggers!

    Again lateness

    Again litter

    Again turning up with a broken bike


    Paying money and turning up for a race then proclaiming to all around that you’re just there to ride with your mates, not race. **** off and organise a social with your mates if you want to ride socially with your mates. Save your entry fee for beer and pies. If you turn up for a race, try and win, even if you’re not going to be competitive. It’s a race, the clue is in the title.


    Remind me never to go on a ride with you fussy buggers!

    Exactly 😀

    Too much hassle, too much etiquette.

    Group rides invariably lead to hassle. I’m lucky to have three sons who I ride try to keep up with.
    Much more enjoyable with the family !


    People who don’t have the time to build or repair trails, but seem to find plenty of time to ride them…

    Premier Icon JoeG

    People who don’t have the time to build or repair trails, but seem to find plenty of time to ride them…



    otherr than guiding i never ride in a group larger than four, normally just two of us.

    people that annoy me are those that talk the talk, telling everyone how “amazing/good/WOW” they are and then get off their bike to ride over a cattle grid.

    those that tell other people to get off their bike because the next section is tricky when the fact is that they can’t ride it.

    people who want to be at the front but should be at the back.

    people who want to be the first to the top and then moan about that the others are too slow, they’ve been waiting half an hour and are cold. and then to top it off jump on their bike as soon as the last man reaches the top, not allowing them time to recover/grab a jacket/lower saddle.

    people who want to be the first to the top, but can’t get down the other side for toffee.

    people who say “woooh…. i’m not riding that” before even having a closer look.

    people who think they can ride “that” and then fall breaking a collar bone/ripping their shin open/tearing the skin from the palm of their hands… could probably sum that up with over confidence.

    people with really expensive bikes, immaculate kit who ride around puddles/cry at a scratch. prima donnas?

    people who complain about the weather when generally it is no the weather at fault, but their insistance on “riding light” and not packing a jacket or waterproof trousers.

    people who constantly change into/out of a jacket (usually women, sorry) for a five mintue climb/descent holding up the rest of the group.

    people who constantly ask “how steep is this climb?” or “how long till we reach the top?”… like it’s going to make getting there any quicker/easier.

    people who overtake/ride past me/the guide on sections where they have specifically been told not to and then missing the turn off or next trail.

    there’s probably plenty more, but my beans are warmed up and i’m hungry.


    my beans are burnt to the bottom of the pan….. 🙁


    riding with anyone like the OP

    Mashing too high a gear. Change down, sit down, spin. Not difficult.

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