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  • Premier Icon DezB

    Most advertising.

    Whoever is responsible for the new Lotto advert (with that moronic song), needs a swift hard kick in the groin that’s for sure.



    I have ranted previously about how irritating it is to be preached at about world poverty by a tax-evading multimillionaire in a ridiculous cowboy hat (which he once flew across the Atlantic in First Class, in its own seat)

    This reminded me of my favourite t shirt when I was a student

    was most entertaining when U2 lovers saw it 😈

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    VW Golfs
    Gravel drives
    People drinking anything while walking
    Leather furniture

    Can’t explain


    Cats. Just cats.
    Oh, and Stirling Moss.

    Keith Lemon – one trick pony

    You realise that Keith Lemon is a character portrayed by Leigh Francis?

    Those twatting toothpaste adverts for people with sensitive teeth, the ones with the smug condescending dentists. Your teeth hurt a bit, that’s all, you’re not dying and there are people in the world who have far more to worry about. I hate you and hope you get cholera.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    football/soccer, and anything to do with it, the pundits, the advertising, the wages, the players, the tv coverage, the idiotic moronic gang following of it.


    The Americanisation of this country.

    People who drop litter (including the dog dirt tree hangers)
    People lacking any sort or manners and who are utterly selfish.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    So many, and fortunately most already mentioned…

    Russell Brand
    Simon Cowell
    Keith Lemon
    Jimmy Carr
    The union bloke who took over when Jimmy Knapp dropped off the perch
    Ricky Gervais (not even remotely funny or entertaining)
    Miranda (not even remotely funny or entertaining)
    The newsreader bloke who does the car crash programme that’s pro compulsory cycling helmets
    UKIP bloke with a foreign name
    Entire EDL/BNP/etc.

    Corrie, Strictly, Bog Brother, Britain’s got “Talent”, Xfactor, and all the other ones.

    All quiz shows that are not about Trivia any more but the “Hmmm it could eb this or I don’t think it’s that or it might be the other one” to droning supposedly enhance suspense…. just answer the flippin’ question!!!

    football/soccer, and anything to do with it, the pundits, the advertising, the wages, the players, the tv coverage, the idiotic moronic gang following of it.

    ^^ and that too

    think that’s it for now.


    pastel colours


    Christmas, birthdays, bonfire night, halloween, wedding aniversaries, christenings, in fact any celebration of any kind and awards, b*llsh*t of the highest order.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Ton, another +1

    Bit harsh, he seems like a decent bloke πŸ˜‰

    – Edith Bowman
    – Vanessa Feltz
    – Jeremy Vine

    Premier Icon kennyp

    So many people on this thread with seemingly no idea of what irrational means.


    Idiots like twinw4ll who don’t read the OP correctly.


    I think it’s just what people hate now Kenny.. Just join in, it’s fun.


    People telling me that people I find funny, arent funny.


    People who declare a hatred for someone they’ve never, ever met, based solely on what they see or hear on TV or radio.

    What did u all do 10 years ago before all this crap came in? U drank normal coffee like everybody else!

    People who are incapable of writing the word ‘you’, instead putting ‘U’. What are you, ten? πŸ™„
    The truly insane amounts of money squandered on a ridiculous sport involving a bunch of grown men kicking a leather ball about for a couple of hours. I’m perfectly happy for people to do whatever they want, but being paid tens of thousands of pounds a week is an obsenity.

    Open toe footwear with long trousers


    Leopard print on anything but a real live leopard.

    Premier Icon MSP

    I am reading through this thread wondering what is so irrational about hating the people listed, then it hit me, the answer is obvious.

    Tim Westwood

    It is clearly a waste of valuable hatred to be directing ire at anyone else while he still hasn’t been painfully slaughtered.

    So come on people, whenever these other irritants annoy you, allow that anger to simmer and rise and turn you into a violent psychopath, then realise there is an path to salvation, get out there and murder Tim Westwood. Everyone would thank you, it’s probably even legal.


    Noel Edmonds


    Sorry CountZero, I shall endeavour to try harder and not act ten for YOU..

    On the subject of making assumptions though, YOU appear to have made one in your post about me!

    YOU must be one of those people they orders ridiculous coffee’s..

    I’ll add smart arses to my list now.

    TouchΓ© ; )

    Premier Icon DezB

    People who don’t know what irrational means.
    People who don’t like irrational people


    Broccoli and the way smug broccoli eaters look at you with hatred when they eat the shite, people who wears scarves as if they are entitled to, as if they have earned the right……………


    ^^^ πŸ˜†


    EDIT: ah for crissakes

    ^^^ = cheekyboy’s post

    Premier Icon The Wrong Trousers

    Richard ‘tax haven’ Branson (while claiming to be the saviour of the British people).
    Any ‘sport’ that can be done while smoking a fag or drinking a beer or reading the paper. Yes golf, snooker, darts – I’m talking about you…. And those people at the gym who read the paper while sitting on a bike or cross-trainer or whatever.
    People who do air quotemarks (which probably includes me)
    Any and all politicians.

    Oh and plus1 for Ton and the beautiful game where everything is ugly; the players, the fans, the officials, the coaches, the money, the TV presenters, the commentators. Ugly. All of it.

    Premier Icon aidanoggy

    Gideon – I can’t see a picture of him without wanting to repeatedly punch him, very hard, for a long time.
    Local radio DJs who call their listeners “chums”
    Mountain bike riders that leave litter at the side of trails ( really really boils my p1ss this one, red rage stuff!)
    Audi A3 owners
    People on bike who run red lights or ride without lights
    Hip hop artists
    Barclays Bank
    Cycle magazine writers who talk about crank stiffness

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Not seeing much on here that would classify as “irrational”

    not using reason or clear thinking:
    ex “It’s totally irrational, but I’m frightened of mice.” “His parents were worried by his increasingly irrational behaviour.”

    People who:
    drive Faux by Fours
    believe Premiership Football is “The people’s game” – it was once, it’s not anymore.
    are Religionists
    want conversation on a commuter train


    Back to irrational.

    Men dressing as women.Even if its for a laugh,fancy dress e.t.c.
    The Pot Noodle advert with the ” wag” actually gives me a sick feeling in my throat.
    Gay parades, with a bearded guy sporting over the top make up in a dress pouting to the camera.I can’t look.
    Someone will probably come on here saying i’m suppressing some sort of latent sexual behaviour.


    Bradley Wiggins.


    Di Caprio. Can’t watch anything with his smug squashed up face in it.

    Oh, and Reggae.


    Master Chef … If I ever see those two berks faces chewing another thing I’ll … I’ll … I’ll have a littel moan and turn the tele over

    Mister P

    I was reminded of this thread on the train home last night. Some rather chubby badly dressed loud mouth chatting at high volume about football. I would have happily seen him hit by a train. What a boring spunk trumpet he was.


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