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  • headpotdog

    Anyone at all on the X Factor, anyone connected to the Daily Mail and any TV celebrity. Makes my p*ss boil just thinking about them…

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    Ben Fogle – seems a nice chap and all but goddamn I hate him and his massive face.

    Most of these are entirely rational!

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    Russell Kane. What a ****.

    And Vanessa Feltz, how she got to where she is I don’t know.


    I think Helen Skelton has done enough to get promoted from the vacuous presenter bint category.

    That’s the thing about a irrational dislikes of someone, you tend not to pay them any attention. I wouldn’t know.

    And Holly Willoughby brings out other irrational urges

    Does it involve a lump o’ 4×2? Me too!


    Russell Kane. What a ****.

    Literally every time I’ve ever seen him appear on TV, or on the radio or in print – he immediately goes on about how much of a salt of the earth working class background he’s from.

    Every…… *******….. time…….


    Myleen Klass… Can’t stand her, the only woman to ever give give birth apparently.
    Miranda… Don’t know why, not even funny
    Those stupid Essex/Chelsea, Newcastle programmes with the half wit fame seekers…
    Ssangyon cars.. Why would u buy one?
    Chrysler PT Cruisers.. Really? At what point did u say “yep, that’s just what I’m after”.. A stupid looking, impractical Americanised piece of crap!
    People who speak like “u know Bruv, innit”.. “U get me”? Well, actually no I don’t because u don’t appear to be talking a language I understand!
    My boss.. Why are u so childish? Ur a millionaire.. Cheer the fu## up! Why do u even come to work?
    People cycling in the dark with no lights!
    People who indicate right at roundabouts and go straight on…. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH! Who the funk taught u that? Because it’s bloody wrong!
    Rubber neckers on motorways.. It has bugger all to do with u, stop being so nosey and get moving.

    That’s it for now.. Humbug!

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    Graham Norton
    Keith Lemon
    Ricky Gervais


    Oh and Radio bloody 1… Just a racket, full of stupid r&b music that goes nowhere.. A song should have a beginning, a middle bit and and end, not just ramble on in a monotone fashion for 3 minutes.
    That stupid Elly Golding song out just now, do we need to hear it every 5 minutes?
    Jeremy Vine.. Smug git, grow a pair and shut some of ur guests up!
    Do gooders who phone up Jeremy Vine then talk over everybody else.
    X Factor.. Can’t actually believe people still watch it..
    The Americanisation of this country.. It’s tyres not tires, and kerb not curb..

    Oh and perhaps my biggest pi55 boiler..

    People ordering stupid coffee’s.. I’ll have a triple mochafrappachino light with extra low cal sugar, hold the milk but froth the cup, I’ll have a chocolate sprinkles and a caramel drizzle… Just get a bloody cup of tea or black coffee and get out my way! What did u all do 10 years ago before all this crap came in? U drank normal coffee like everybody else!

    And people having a coffee going round the supermarket… Really? U can’t go 2 hours without one? U look like a Toby!

    God I’m angry!


    But apart from that are you feeling ok ?

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    1981miked, you made me smile and restored my faith a bit….good lad 😀

    Mister P

    Wow 1981miked your vitriol makes me feel like a fairly sane and balanced individual. Thank you.


    +1 on Radio 1. Complete dross.

    Currently have a hatred of one of my work colleagues who told one of our customers that I’ve fancied for years that I was 22 and still living with my parents. She now won’t go out with me as I’m too young for her and she thought I was an independent person, despite me showing her my driving licence to prove I’m 32 and live on my own.

    When I find out who it was they will no longer be walking in a humanoid way 👿


    Hell yeah I’m on top of the world today!

    Does look a tad psychotic now I see it after a nights sleep.. Oh well, I still hate all of the above. Glad I made some of u smile and feel normal.

    I haven’t been on this forum for a few months with 1 thing or another, feels good to be back.. Now where did I bury that body?

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    Jeremy Vine

    Our Project Department…..sorry that’s completely rational


    Very impressed miked, keep that up. 😉


    Posh spice. I start ranting at the tv any time she is on it.


    😀 this threads cheered me up no end, nice to know I’m not the only miserable bugger in the world..
    Ton +1, I’d rather watch a dog having a shit than a game of football..
    And Milked, your a proper miserable bastard, I like the cut of your jib young man.


    A thread for “irrational” hatreds where lots of people name the object of their disaffection then give a reason. 😆 I have no irrational hatreds – if I did, I’d be a bit worried, but then again, if I did, I’d probably not realise there was something to worry about.

    I can’t even think of anyone I hate with reason at the moment – perhaps a few people who have dicked me over in life, but they’d be meaningless to everyone here.

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    Paul McCartney and his varnished raisin testicle face, plus why the tiny guitar?


    Ricky gervais. not funny, not acting, that’s him being him.
    That mark benton bloke that’s on strictly at the moment.

    Richard Hammond. Cowardly, ignorant, pathetic, whiny, charisma vacuum of a human being.


    Kwis Packham.

    But the hatered is enitrely rational as not only is he incredibly irritating, he also supports S**th*mpt*n football Club.

    Mister P

    I’d rather watch a dog having a shit than a game of football..

    This is going to be my phrase of the week.


    Professor Brian Cox. First Class bell end.

    football/soccer, and anything to do with it, the pundits, the advertising, the wages, the players, the tv coverage, the idiotic moronic gang following of it.

    So I’m an idiot moron now? Charming.

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    My hatreds are mostly rational I like to think.

    OP – I’m fully with you on Mr McCloud. But is it him or the whole ethos of that show which I hate?

    I think it’s basically the middle class version of The X Factor, exoploiting the mentally ill for other people’s titilation.


    Ton, another +1. Prime bunch of turnips, players, management and fans.

    Aside from that, all my hatreds are very rational and very specific, at least in my mind…


    People who are still waiting when the traffic light turns green! What’s the surprise? You’ve been staring at it for a couple of minutes! Red Amber Green. It’s not that hard! I’m not expecting an F1 start but just wake up.
    And Ricky Gervais.

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    Chris Evans, Terry Wogan.
    Tom Hanks.

    (I know there are more but I’m in a good mood today so can’t think of them)

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    Terry Wogan?

    That’s a good one, as in I can see why most of the other people have been picked but can’t understand how anyone could hate T-Wog.

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    I would say it’s because he’s too old and doddery on the radio, but I’ve hated him for too long for that to be it.
    It’s just one of those “gets my back up” things.

    Tory MPs in general
    Zoe Ball
    Jonathan Woss
    Top gear presenters
    Robbie Savage

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    Top gear presenters

    nothing irrational about that


    Keith Lemon – one trick pony
    6Music weekday breakfast DJ – makes my teeth itch
    Range Rover drivers with personailised number plates – Have found they dislike sharing the road with others

    There are a million others but i’m veering into rational rather than irrational (MP’s, soap stars, reality TV people, anyone that buys Heat magazine, etc, etc)


    Range Rover drivers with personailised number plates

    I do wonder sometimes if the bloody things come with a number plate on – I bet there’s not a car with a higher percentage running private plates.


    Race Walking

    “Ah but it’s a perfectly legitimate sport done by top class athletes. Did you know that the best race walkers go faster than runners and race walking burns more calories per hour than any other sport…”

    I don’t care. I **** hate you.

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    Most advertising.

    Mister P

    Kerry Katona.

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    Letting agents
    Estate agents
    Recruitment agents

    Generally all people with fat ties and spiky hair who “earn” money by dicking other people about.

    Anyone who wears their old public school tie to work or asks new work colleagues aged over 30 where they went to school.


    The marketing departments of large mountain bike & component manufacturers are right up there with reality TV, soap operas and offensive flatulence right now.

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