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  • So I got knocked off my bike last night, breaking my collarbone. My bosses husband gave me a lift to hospital and took my bike in. He’s Irish, and drinks whiskey, so I thought a wee drop of something would be a nice thank-you.

    Any recommendations? If it was whisky I’d have a clue … all I know are the usual big brands.

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    I’m quite fond of Tullamore Dew although I’m no expert.

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    There’s a posh Jamesons… Which frankly is disgusting, whereas regular Jamesons is the inexpensive burny nectar of the alcoholic gods.


    There’s a posh Jamesons

    –>Crested Ten?

    Maybe something like a Midleton one 😉

    Paddys or Powers arent to bad for mainstream stuff

    Of course there is always the Bush…


    Red Breast – But you will realise that you can’t feel your face, or your legs, then discover that you’ve sunk 3/4s of a bottle in one sitting. It’s dangerous like that.


    Bushmills 10 year is smooth.

    Tullamore is rather nice too….


    depends what you’re drinking it with or for

    powers if it’s medicinal
    jamesons if it’s at a wedding
    middleton if you’re feeling flush
    black bush if there’s guiness on the go
    bush if you’re already steaming

    that’s how it works in my life anyhow

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    You could dodge the stereotype bullet completely and get him a bottle of Yamazaki?

    I have nothing further to add other than to applaud your spelling.

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    As an Irishman who drinks whiskey, Bushmills single malt, the 10yo, would always be appreciated. The older ones don’t add that much, imo, 21yo not very nice. Black Bush is great too, single malts aren’t all there is to whiskies. If you can get some, Coleraine (my home town) is an alternative blend of Bushmills not usually sold over here, and a nice change.


    Bushmills 16yr

    Or if you can find some…

    Green Spot

    Don’t scoff, but the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Dun Leire 8 year old (I think) has won a medal and been very highly rated. Made by Cooleys, easy to find, under £20 a bottle (just) and rather nice.

    (If you want to spend a bit more, Johnnie Walker Green label on offer, or Glenfiddich 18 year old if Tescos are still doing it on offer for £30)


    Ah, crap ADH – you ok? Where did that happen? Bloody muppets…

    Bushmills Blackbush seems to be pretty universally appreciated. A blend of single malts (which isn’t what most blends are).

    The Bushmills single malts are all great too.

    Cheers clubber. I’m comfortable enough thanks, we’ll see what fracture clinic ays tomorrow.

    Filtering down the centre line of gloucester road up near the rovers stadium, i looked at her, she looked at me, she pulled out anyway …


    Redbreast wonderful stuff. Bushmills Single and Blackbush both nice, Powers gold label again very nice. Midletons is a bit overrated I’ve still got half a bottle left from over 10 year ago as I’d rather have a Bushmills. Paddys isn’t bad either


    Hope you mend soon ADH. Bugger!

    I have nothing further to add other than there was a pub in Cork called The Black Bush. When upstairs was converted to a nightclub they called it…

    The Bellybutton.



    My vote goes for Red Breast. A delicious drop and both the 12 and 16 year old are worth a go.

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    Bushmills Malt is marvellous and a very safe bet.

    I know strictly speaking Scotland isnt in Ireland but I’ve recently been enjoying a Speyside Whiskey called Tamdhu which to my uneducated palate taste like Irish whiskey

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    Bumping an old thread instead of starting a new one.

    The popular vote seems to be Red Breast. I need a chrimbob present for my dad – anyone know any reputable mail order booze companies?


    I quite like Bushmills myself.

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    Nearest Waitrose for Red Breast. As I was told at Stansted when I couldn’t put a bottle by for collection when returning from Tenerife.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Bushmills 10yo is £20 in Sainsbury’s


    I stayed a week in Bundoran out of season surfing and this and that, after getting used to the local pubs that stopped serving food at 6 I tried the off licence and asked for a recomendation of a decent Irish. They just said everyone drinks the cheap stuff and so I followed suit 😀


    Black bush no option!!!!


    Another vote for Bushmills 10yr or Blackbush here

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