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  • bananaworld

    If only that was all she gave me!

    Damn, they itch somewhat.

    ('kay, think we've made the point, I'll stop there before I fall foul of the LAW.)

    Premier Icon billyboy

    I have walked on water………….it had been snowing and this disguised the fact that there was a swimming pool in this particular garden of a house I was visiting for the first time.
    Fortunately the pool had a substantial cover and after a couple of moon walk paces I realised something was wrong and made hard ground before I got my feet wet.
    Is that what Jesus did?
    Did they have lake/swimming pool covers in those days?



    "To the un initiated its kind of like if someone was dissing yo mamma. – It just gets to you."

    Not really. Yo mamma is at least tangible (unless you're adopted or some such). The other stuff is like saying you're fave pop star is shite. And as a life long Gary Numan fan, I speak from experience.


    Micheal Martin, Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, opposing attempts by Islamic States to make defamation of religion a crime at UN level, 2009: “We believe that the concept of defamation of religion is not consistent with the promotion and protection of human rights. It can be used to justify arbitrary limitations on, or the denial of, freedom of expression. Indeed, Ireland considers that freedom of expression is a key and inherent element in the manifestation of freedom of thought and conscience and as such is complementary to freedom of religion or belief.” Just months after Minister Martin made this comment, his colleague Dermot Ahern introduced Ireland’s new blasphemy law.

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    Bear with me here, just had a particularly fine bottle of Rioja…..

    Surely if the followers of one religion takes offence at the utterences of another religion, we could just see a never ending cycle of litigation of one religion by another?

    Maybe then the fear of litigation would shut these mofo's up and we could all live in peace. The Irish might just be on to something here.


    Sadly this is yet another example of litigation run riot, like Kudzu. It just gives people the right to be rightously offended about anything they damned well want and be handsomely paid for the privilege. If I should say something out of line and someone gets all out of shape over it, fine, but they should have no opportunity to run screaming to the courts for money to sooth their injured feelings.


    As Richard Dawkins said: 'I'm proud to be listed among the 'blasphemers'

    If the alternative is a celibate man in a dress dictating the sex lives of millions as the head of a mystical organisation that doesn't seem able to deal with child abusers in its midst in any sensible way, then Dawkins strikes me as a shining light in the bullshit.

    spot on.


    From the BBC article on this:

    The government says it is needed because the republic's 1937 constitution only gives Christians legal protection of their beliefs.

    If this is the case then I suppose they should change their constitution but that's a hard thing to do right? So in that case maybe this is quite a bold move for a Christian country.

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