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  • IQ2 Power Meter.
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    Has anyone invested in one of these on a pre-order?

    I’m curious how they might perform but see there has been a delay in the shipping which was expected back in November.

    A few reviews have mentioned the “Q-Factor” from the increased crank width. Would this be a major issue at 16mm per side? I’m guessing you could probably adjust cleats for the road bike and flats wouldn’t matter so much on the MTB. Also, would one side suffice or would you get better data from both sides?

    They are now forecasting shipping in March.

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, couldn’t find a link on Google or forum search.

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    Looks pretty cool / great value if it actually works. I’ll wait for it to start shipping / confirmation that it actually exists / works and then get one to test out and review. Looks like it would work great for training rides to prep for an enduro.

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    I think the Q factor thing is a bit debunked nowadays, especially the idea that narrower is better. The science seems to point to the fact that it doesn’t really matter to power delivery and the body quickly adapts to reasonable changes in width (not that I have looked at the science myself but have seen it mentioned on dcrainmaker and other blogs resources).

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    I think I may go for one but will wait for the first batch to come through and see what the reviews are like.

    Some of the comments from customers that have pre-ordered weren’t overly positive. They had a major issue with the production supplier and materials of the final product not quite up to standard.

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