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    Looking for a bit of advise witjmipod touch and two kids. Offspring both want an ipod touch for xmas. Wife has an ipad so therfore has an apple account. I have already got itunes on an old PC for music on an original ipod. So, am i best to register the new ipods to wifes account/open new accounts for each of the boys? Most of the music/talking books are on cd so i do not envisage downloading music, just apps and games etc.
    Hope this makes sense as i have Voided apple for all these years and find it is slowly invading uphill towers.

    Premier Icon Drac

    If you link them to the one of the current accounts you can share music and apps so you’re not paying more than once for the same App.

    Premier Icon uphillcursing

    Cheers drac, thats what i was hoping. My worry was that they might not be able to use email/messaging services/skype and whatever kids use these things for.

    Premier Icon Drac

    You can link them to another email address.

    Not easy to open an account for them and get money into it… You get into using gift vouchers in my experience.
    I’d use your wife’s for now if they are under 16. Sync them to separate playlists. And DRM is no longer as much of an issue once they change to,their own apple id.


    When my two (10 yo) got their iPod touches in May I set them up with their own Apple ID but without a credit/debit card registered to the accounts(can be done).
    This allows each of them to be given iTunes vouchers and they can spend them any way they want without arguments about who spent the money on what. Music is in a shared directory and they have their own libraries/playlists. They mostly just use free apps so there’s no conflict there.
    They are going to want their own accounts sooner or later so why not do it now? Certainly seems to work well for us.

    i have Voided apple for all these years and find it is slowly invading uphill towers.

    There is a reason for this and I would rather it was this way than Microsoft.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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