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  • Ipod dock recommendations please
  • jamesgarbett
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    Ideally something that runs of mains and batteries with decent sound quality

    Not £££ though

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    They had iPod speakers on the last gadget show, little one for £18 won.

    Maybe check their website?

    Saying that they were portable ones, so probably not what you’re after.

    Oh well.

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    My boy has a Klipsch ipod dock, it fits most of the ipod range. The sound quality is excellent, and can hold it together at the upper end of its volume range. It is also quite heavy and a very attractive black design Excellent piece of hi-fi that I would replace immediately should it go missing.


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    I can recommend one of these
    I tried everyone in the shop and this was the best for the price imho

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    None of the travel docks have any bass output. To move air (as you do for bass output) you need a larger driver. Klipsch make that lovely Zeppelin thingy, but it’s loads of money. Bose do a great unit, but still loadsa money.

    I bought a Creative i500 which is a decent size, takes batteries as well as running on mains and comes with a remote control. It is aesthetically pleasing and has a discreet slot to make carrying a one handed affair. Plenty of bass with a good overal sound. There’s a bass volume control if it gets too boomy, video output with lead and also a 3.5mm audio jack in (for your mate’s players whatever make they are). I got mine for £75 on a discount, but they are now £99 on Amazon.

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