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  • Chevin

    We had a "minor" computer error at home – Accidental reset! One result was we lost all our music off itunes. However I still have lots on my phone. My question is can I get the music back from the phone to computer, or the next time I sync the phone will my music be wiped off the phone?

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    saved my arse when my HD failed.


    Also popular iPod.iTunes:

    Crisp Softies

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    Not sure how good all of these work with an iPhone as it does not allow the user access to the file system to deter hackers from getting at the system. On the hard drive ipods the music files are merely hidden. If you can enable an ipod as a memory storage device then there are many solutions to get music off them.

    Having had no problems with my ipod touch and iphone yet I have had no reason to find something that works but as i cant get to see the iphone as a drive any longer i cant make the hidden files visible.

    Hopefully there is a software solution but if not and you only deleted the music files there is a significant risk iTunes will not treat your iphone as a strange device and ask if you want to sync but will just get on and sync it. You might be better if you can get the software to take the music files off to do it on another computer to which your iphone does not sync.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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