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    My daughter had broken the screen on her iPhone 6, so I thought I’d take a punt on iMend’s call-out service as my local shop didn’t make a great job of my last repair.

    • Booked online at 8.55 this morning.
    • Engineer phoned me at 9.17.
    • 10.30 engineer arrived at my work (and I’m out in the sticks, not city centre).
    • 10.45 all fixed!

    All for £67.50

    Very impressed!



    My only caveat is quality of the parts ? I did a DIY battery repair and part is so-so (can’t complain for £9), wife’s phone we did at a repair stand in “The Range” for £30 and which lasted a year before warranty replacement.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    I tried repairing an iPhone once – it didn’t end well! 😀

    Longevity? She’ll probably have dropped it again before this is a consideration! What do 15yr old girls do to phones? I blame tiny pockets on skinny jeans.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    An iPhone 6 screen is about £15, so he’s doing quite well if he can do several per day. To be fair 15 mins is very quick so he must be pretty good, I did a 6s screen yesterday (a bit harder apparently due to all the glue) and it took me about 90 mins. The screens are not as good as Apple ones but they are OK especially if it’s just gonna get broken again 🙂 I’d recommend investing in a decent case though, cheaper than a repair!!

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