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  • iPhone In recovery Mode – Any options other than full reset?
  • Premier Icon bentandbroken

    Wife’s phone went ‘blank’ earlier. Various button combinations were tried to bring it back to life. I suspect the memory is full as she had taken a video and was trying to email it (the phone only has limited memory)

    I have just plugged it in to iTunes and am being told the phone is in ‘recovery mode’. A quick google suggests this should be a last resort, but I think it is the only option we have anyway….

    Unless you know different?


    Running out of memory shouldn’t crash the phone, the wife’s phone is only 16gb so thats quite common, however its possible.

    There are various restart modes, home button and top button held down etc. Have you tried these.

    Otherwise hopefully you keep it backed up and can restore from backup on iTunes, otherwise it’s a reset / fresh install via iTunes and see what you have in the iCloud

    Premier Icon bentandbroken

    Only 8GB on this one, it was a bad decision as it struggles to do much more than be a phone 🙁

    Have tried the home and ‘top’ button thing. We all share an iTunes account, but do not use iCloud as it filled in days and just caused lots of nagware :-/ regretting that now :-/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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