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  • wrightyson

    Words with friends. (scrabble)
    Drop 7 (puzzle)
    What’s app (enables free texts/pic messages real time)
    Frogger (irritating)
    eBay (bike bits)
    iTorch 4 (self defence(has capability to blind))
    Flickr (photo uploads)
    Sky+ (control the box whilst you’re out)
    Skype (talk for free ish)
    Angry birds (the power of the app)
    Millions of others you’ll download and never use!
    Happy app storing


    Loads of tricks on the phone too if you want to be utterly bored via this thread!


    Cut the rope is my best friend at the moment, I don’t really want to buy the full version or the full version of Angry Birds. I’ll try out iTorch 4 now as I’ve got Flashlight+ at the moment and it’s too fiddly.

    I need a whole bunch of free apps although I’m so tempted to purchase Final Fantasy III for like a fiver.

    Post any tricks or tips, I feel like an old man at the moment not being up to date with technology. I can’t even organise all the apps I’ve downloaded.


    Premier Icon lunge

    Of the ones I use most:

    Highways Agency – Boring but very good for traffic reports
    Angry Birds and Backbreaker 2 – Both very good games that can and will kill a few hours
    Facebook/Twitter – Good if you use them, useless if you don’t
    Met Office – About as good as weather apps get and it is free
    The Trainline – Train times
    Flixter – Cinema times and reviews
    Photosynth – Quite a cool tool for making photos
    Convert Units – Another to file under boring but useful
    Amazon and eBay – for buying stuff. The former has a very dangerous “1-click buy” function.


    Perfect, I forgot about a weather app, I’ll give Met Office a blast now as the default Yahoo is a bit rubbish.


    jailbreak it and use installous for free apps

    it’s a bit naughty though :-0


    Jailbreaking sounds interesting after a quick google search. Literally no risk of it breaking the phone or anything though? I don’t have insurance. So I could download apps which people pay for free :D?

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Loads of good ones but these are the ones I actually use:

    Facebook – never “got” Facebook until I had it on a Smart Phone
    iMovie – not free but an easy way to get quick edits done
    You Tube – if I need to explain why then you don’t need it
    NavFree – free Sat Nav for UK and Europe that works (but the map eats up at least 1Gb of your storage).
    MapMyRun – great for logging runs/rides (Motion X Lite is good too, with more features, but doesn’t automatically upload routes to a web-accessed account)
    TV Guide – I’m still on terrestrial TV and this is better than looking on Teletext or buying the Radio Times
    Amazon – makes it VERY easy to buy stuff on-the-go
    Met Office – for checking the weather forecast
    Picasa Web Albums – this syncs your web albums to your phone and allows easy uploads, if you use Picasa
    PS Express – good for basic picture editing, although the new iOS due out “soon” has better editing built in

    Loads of other great fun apps too (check out Color Effects for example) but the novelty of them soon wears off.


    Tv catchup ( watch telly on the phone where you’ve got 3G or wifi)
    Instagram (quirky photo altering software)

    1/If reading in bed lock the screen orientation, it stops it flicking from portrait to landscape view, do this by double clicking home button then slide to the right.
    2/Hold the screen with one finger till it shakes you can then move apps, bundle them up etc
    3/Press on/off button and home button (one bottom middle of phone) at the same time, it will take a snap shot of whatevers on the screen at the time. You can then email mms etc that shot, ie web page of new bike.
    4/close apps it saves a bit of Battery, double click home then hold on to app, it will shake, them press the red cross.
    5/it’s raining at work and I’m bored did anyone guess?

    Premier Icon crispo

    Endomondo – great for tracking your biking but can also be used to store any workout you do because you can imput them manually too


    Don’t jailbreak they get moody about that wait at least till warranty has run out or you may as well not have one. However if you do jailbreak you can then use your phone as a dongle and tether it to your lap top etc, they really don’t like that 😉

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    However if you do jailbreak you can then use your phone as a dongle and tether it to your lap top etc,

    Eh? You can do that without jailbreaking from what I read on Apple’s site some weeks/months ago


    Hey all, I just bought an iphone 4 and I’m a complete nooblet with smart phones and saw that android app thread the other day so thought I’d ask what’s your favourite iPhone apps so I can try them out. I hear the apps are pretty much the same though?

    Are there any tidy apps out there to do with cycling? Mountain Biking preferably.

    Is there a cheeky way to get paid apps for free, like bluetoothing from a mate?

    Spill your favourites! Cheers.


    Jailbreaking sounds interesting after a quick google search

    You risk bricking your phone, but hey, you’ll save several pounds in free applications, so go for it!! (*)

    (*) Nothing in this post should be construed as offering advice. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for full details.


    Cheers for the tips, my apps are finally in an organized fashion 🙂

    Nah I won’t Jailbreak, I’ll just stick to free apps, maybe buy cheapy ones now and again if they’re good enough.


    @stilltortoise, yes youve always been able to do it even with the threes, problem is the networks will allow you to do it but you have to pay £’s for the privelidge. Jailbreaking avoids this!!

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