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  • iPhone 6s troubleshooting
  • Premier Icon TomB

    Hi, clever tech bods.

    My son’s second hand iPhone is playing up, in several ways- battery has become very poor, but this could be an easy fix. More difficult is the home button no longer works, he’s got an ‘on screen’ home button but it’s a bit of a pain. It’s also become a bit ‘laggy’ (his words). He’s had it 6 months and is keen to sort it if possible so:
    1) new battery- from corner shop type place or proper apple shop/official reseller?
    2) can the home button be resurrected? It’s had no evident damage and still clicks
    3) Any tips in the laggyness, could that be secondary to the failing battery?


    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Home button not working is one symptom of a poor quality screen repair. Not sure what the solution is to that tbh! My friend who had the same problem ended up slinging it & getting another phone in the end! Apple will fix it for you but I’m sure it’d be more than the phone is worth.

    New battery from anyone other than Apple is always going to be a total lottery. On the 6S you can do it yourself following the iFixIt guide fairly easily.You can get a new battery from eBay for £6. Again, total crapshoot quality wise! (Never going to be as good as a proper Apple one though!)

    Got my 6S battery changed last year when Apple were doing it very cheap on an offer but unfortunately I think that’s finished now.

    Apple throttle the speed on phones with a poor battery (to preserve battery life). Follow this guide to check the battery health (apparently you can disable the throttling option but I’ve not tried this personally).

    Premier Icon kcal

    As above I’d say – home button would be ringing bells for me.

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