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  • iPhone 5 or Galaxy 4?
  • Premier Icon scaredypants

    i bet they’re both great

    what’s your current phone?

    do you like big screens?

    do you like to fanny about with settings on your stuff?

    are there any features or apps that you “couldn’t live without”?

    Ha ha, iPhone 4 at the mo and 3 before that. Just wondering if the Android phones have overtaken the Apple

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    There was some bloke in TkMaxx Leeds today with a new galaxy (I assume); he was waving it about a lot.

    It was huge and looked f****** ridiculous.

    I think we’re all going mobile phone mental (and I’ve posted too much tonight).


    Premier Icon jam bo

    Ha ha, iPhone 4 at the mo and 3 before that. Just wondering if the Android phones have overtaken the Apple

    In that case I’d just get the 5


    Gone from a Galaxy to an iPhone 4s, they both work, both are phones,

    Screen on the iPhone is a bit smaller but IMO seems sharper. Both work for web browsing, email etc.

    iOS seems better put together than the CM10.2 i was running, little details about how it handles text input.
    From android I miss Swype, and i miss some of the widgets.


    The big difference is the feel, the Galaxy felt cheap compared to the iPhone.


    HTC One, nuff said!


    Got a HTC one. Brilliant build quality coming from a samsung note. Super fast and beautiful screen. Recommended!


    HTC One here, excellent phone

    Probably been asked already, but phone contract up next week and can’t decide what to upgrade to???????

    Ex iphone 5 owner i had 3 all of em screwd up, im on a htc one x plus now and got a s3 for work (contractor) i dnt notice either in my pocket at work and they both blow the ip5 out of the water, android has deffo taken over, iv bin with apple since the 3gs but now im converted

    Daughter has an iPhone4 – I can’t abide the thing!

    I have a Galaxy Note 2 and think it’s the best handheld multimedia device I’ve ever used.

    All personal opinion though innit – no right or wrong. If you’ve been happy with Apple and are involved with iTunes etc, I’d take a punt at staying with them. I’ve built my virtual world around Google, so that has a lot to do with my preferences.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    +1 HTC one… arrived the other day and seems like a great phone


    I have a personal S3 and a work iPhone. They’re both good to be honest and would be happy with either. But I tend to use the galaxy more, bigger screen is better for all the non-phone-call activities and I have it set up just right with widgets, my choice of keyboard and different coloured led flashes for different types of notifications, all of which are really handy but not essential. Google Now + Google Maps sat nav is a revelation (if you don’t mind google tracking your every move) – It’s much better than google maps on idevices, and by comparison apple maps might as well be printed on parchment. On the other hand, the iPhone has much better battery life and unlike the galaxy it never seems to randomly go slow for a few seconds. And even my mum can use one.

    So, horses for courses. If you want to be able to spend time setting things up exactly how you want them, I’d choose the galaxy. If you want it to ‘just work’ go for the iPhone.

    All just my opinion, of course. I know nothing about the s4 either, so can’t compare that. 🙂

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    With an S3 here and the size thing goes away very quickly. It fits in my pockets but the extra screen is great for the smart phone parts of it. It’s a workhorse for me when I am away for work etc.

    Latest version of android is very slick the main difference in the upgrade was everything just got a bit better 🙂

    Widgets are key for me, having a screen full of clocks for all my customers time zones, or a full page calendar I can scroll to. Google now takes it to a freaky mind reading level (the time to airport thing when you travel a lot has been a life saver)

    I use spotify premium to give me all the music in the world, it only gets plugged into a PC for charging everything else over wireless.

    I’m guessing after all that my point it the S3 had the iphone equaled or beaten depending on your viewpoint. The S4 has more…


    I went from an iphone 4s to a S3 and thought it was the muts nuts, i have now however gone back to iphone 4s? dont know why i just like it, cant stand the iphone 5 though

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Get a sim only contract to tide you over until the Apple developer conference in June. Bound to be a new iPhone announced then.


    Yeagh ive sold my s3 and am keeping the money to one side hoping the next iphone will be better than the current 5


    As a total apple fanboy, the Galaxy 4 is better than the iPhone 5. Hopefully the 5s / 6 redresses some of this as it makes me feel dirty to say it! 😉

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    It would be remiss to not even check out the Nokia Lumia 720 or 820 (depending which is available on your network. 720 if it is, 820 otherwise).

    Windows Phone, if it has the apps you want, is really very good. not for everyone but as I say, at least worth looking at as an option.


    Danny B

    Premier Icon CHB

    I have a work supplied 4s and its great. If I was buying my own phone today it would be an HTC One in an instant. They are a truly stunning phone and much nicer than the plastic Samsung. HTC have gone all out to produce a premium phone to get ahead of the pack and regain market share. The HTC One achieves this, but with a smaller marketing budget than the Big S and the mighty Apple their phones are less popular at the moment.


    My brother has just got an 4 and it does have some usefull features like a infra red led which used to be standard on allot of phones,

    i’ve had the 3,4 and now on a 5. My missus has my other 4 and when that’s due up in a few months I think i’ll give her my 5 and try an S4. The 5 is a really good phone. but i’m now getting cheesed off with apple controlling everything so much. We all share my apple ID and she can see all my contacts and I can see hers etc etc, stupid stuff like that which is beginning to get on my wick

    Premier Icon Drac

    We all share my apple ID and she can see all my contacts and I can see hers etc etc, stupid stuff like that which is beginning to get on my wick

    My apple ID is shared with mine and the wife’s but the contacts aren’t shared, she uses her own icloud login to get around it.


    Might not be important to you, but the Galaxy S4 is very good at getting reception, and for me, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. It’s is always connected to the cell network, and my previous phones have struggled where I live. The Wi-Fi reception is the best device I have ever owned. It’s also fast, the battery life is good, you can easily replace the battery, add a memory card for more storage.

    Yes it is a bit plastic, but compared to the HTC Sensation / Desire which I’ve had before, it’s a different league. Really pleased with it.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    the build quality/feel thing makes me smile as 90% of people get a phone and shove it in a case 🙂

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