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  • iPhone 5 Battery failure after 250 cycles! 7 days out of warranty…AHHHHHH
  • saleem

    Pay the 拢55

    Premier Icon MikeG

    I’d try arguing it’s covered under the sale of goods act, products must last a reasonable time – if you’ve got apple admitting a battery should last 1000 cycles but yours has failed after 250 then your battery has only lasted a 1/4 of the expected life.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    It’s a consumer goods item. You bought it in and from the EU? You didn’t do anything unnatural to it(as evidenced by the 250 cycles?). You have a two year warranty.



    Just unlucky? My iP5 is working just fine, no sign of excessive battery usage, and the same with my iP4, which is now over three years old, with its original battery, iOS 7 installed, and gets used more often each day than my 5, because it’s my work iPod, I use Shazam on it a lot, and it has a 3 SIM, with unlimited data, so it’s my default browser! as well.
    The 5 has a lot more apps on it, though, and is used as a phone! 馃槅
    Just had a look at both phone battery levels, the 4 was used all this afternoon as an iPod, and it’s at 75%, the 5 is at 76%, not used for much other than reading a book for a couple of hours while making a bunch of printing plates for our printers, after being on charge overnight.
    Oh, and I was quoted 拢45 for a new battery in the 4, which I’ll get replaced sometime soon.


    I’m going to start making a scene…I’m thinking of acting like my 6 year old when it’s bed time!

    Worst thing to do I reckon.

    In my experience the nice, reasonable customers get the best service, and get the rules bent in their favour if possible.

    Idiots who think shouting is the best way to get what they want, get the rules and regulations quoted and told “sorry”

    Premier Icon bruneep

    In my experience the nice, reasonable customers get the best service, and get the rules bent in their favour if possible.


    when my son broke his screen, I fully expected to pay for replacement. Went it explained what had happened had a nice chat to the chap replaced FOC. The gobshite next to me mouthing off about how shit they were and I know my rights blah blah blah got nowhere with them.

    Be nice to them and it might surprise you.

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    What I am stunned by is that you have only charged it 250 times in a year. My phone is charged every night as there is sod all left of the battery at the end of the day.

    Sounds a bit crappy that they will not do it under warranty if it is a manufacturing defect. Especially so close to the end date of the warranty


    It’s a blessing in disguise, get rid of the thing and get a life.


    Why arent you taking it back to where you bought it? After a year its nowt to do with the apple store unless you got it from them.

    Or buy a battery for a fiver and stick it in.


    I charge my 4s every day, sometimes it has to get topped up in the day too and I’m not a heavy user so I just think iPhones have poor battery life. I did the update to i0S7 and the battery ran down so quick but I’d not noticed it has turned the Bluetooth function on so once that was off it’s back to being it’s normal self.
    Be nice to customer services and you might get some reward from them as definitely mouthing off won’t get jack shit.

    Premier Icon rosscopeco

    Just back from the local Apple store (Buchanan St, Glasgow) and I’m a bit hot under the collar so looking for anyone with a similar experience and suggested options on tactics.

    The abbreviated version…

    IOS7 installed 4 days ago on iPhone 5.
    Only getting circa 3 – 4 hours out of full charge before having to re-charge.
    I’ve been through all the ‘100 ways to make your battery last longer on ios7’ utube vids
    Visited Apple and after they ‘analysed’ the phone I’m told that the battery is dead.
    250 cycles with only 70% holding charge. They usually expect 1000 cycles before it starts to die.
    Apple acknowledge this is VERY unusual and most probably a bad battery, however….
    7 days out of warranty so they say I have to pay 拢55 for a new battery.
    I argued my case but (in fairness to apple) they say their warranty has to start somewhere. I eventually refused to pay and said “I’ll be back!” once I’ve carried out some more research.

    My thoughts on tactics….I’ve booked a genius appointment for Fri at another apple store (Breahead, Glasgow)
    The battery failure didn’t manifest itself until the IOS7 upgrade so how was I supposed to know it had a terminal issue.
    Given my Apple loyalty over the last 5 years…1 x mac, 2 x macbook pros, 1 x apple TV, 2 iPhone 5, 1 x iPhone 4, 2 x iPod touches bla bla bla.
    Can I speak to a manager…
    I’m going to have to consider making a formal complaint…I’m told they hate this?!
    I’m going to start making a scene…I’m thinking of acting like my 6 year old when it’s bed time!

    Any other suggestions for the STW collective?

    Premier Icon just5minutes

    Print off this article then go back to the apple store and ask if they would like to be fined again for breaking EU law for the second time…



    Yeah you can particularly highlight the bit thats says “2 years if purchased from the apple store” if not “return to original supplier”…

    so ignore just5minutes

    Its here clicky for apple eu warranty

    Unless its from the apple store its nothing to do with them and purely down to good customer care – if its been in once it will be logged on the system and they wont do anything with it again.

    Contact whomever you purchased it from

    Ios7 is designed by a bloody loon and is complete and utter kak!

    Watch that bluetooth is not automatically turned on as sometimes it comes on, may or maybe not due to airdrop.

    I want ios6 back, either that or a different version completely from this I’m typing from.


    According to the web page linked below on Apple’s site you have a 5 year warranty in Scotland, 6 in England, but small print notes you have to prove the defect was there on delivery. Apple seem to have given you this proof through your discussion in store. Get in touch with your retailer as your contract and warranty is through them.


    EDIT: wysiwyg beat me to it.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    The good news is a new battery from Apple is 拢55. As above I’d go back and try and get a goodwill replacement, you should also take it up with your phone supplier as the longer it’s out of service the more money they are loosing assuming you spend a bit more than your contract each month. Other threads have said changing the battery is easy so if you don’t want to pay 拢55 you can DIY

    As a family we’ve had numerous iPhones 3, 4, 4S and 5 over the years and have never had a battery issue so it does sound like you’ve been unlucky. iOS7 is very good and has no negative impact on the 4S or 5 as far as we can see.

    the battery life on my 5 has got better. battery will last in excess of 24 hrs now.


    拢6 on eBay for a battery if it comes to it.

    Premier Icon just5minutes

    Wysiwyg – it doesn’t matter whether it was bought in the apple store or not – the 2 year manufacturer warranty still stands.


    yes via the shop you purchased it from..

    EU-wide Consumer Laws

    2 years (minimum) from date of delivery
    Contact the seller for details

    Premier Icon just5minutes

    But you can take it into the apple store as ultimately the “seller” will ask Apple as the manufacturer to sort it out anyway. Or at least that worked for my 18 month old MacBook when I visited the apple store (originally purchased from Dixons duty free) …


    Theres enough ppl at genius bars with under 1 yo phones without everyone with a 6yo phone being there too


    My home button was slightly loose. When I say loose I mean it was turning slightly but working perfectly. Took it to the apple store at the weekend where they told me it was 7 days out of warranty. But they gave me a brand new iphone 5 32 gb to set me on my way! No cash, no fuss. Apple customer service is spot on. I wasn’t even the original owner of the phone.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I’d say it’s not fit for purpose under the Sale of Goods Act (or whatever it’s called).

    Demand for a full refund.

    A phone battery should last more than a year – my 10 year old brick still holds up well.

    But I have noticed that my iPhone 5 seems to be chewing battery since I “upgraded” to iOS7


    You cant demand a full refund after a year – youd be lucky after a month as youve accepted and inspected the goods


    In my experience the nice, reasonable customers get the best service, and get the rules bent in their favour if possible.

    I dropped my iP5 after about 4 weeks and cracked the screen
    So I booked a genius appointment fully expecting to pay the standard replacement charge, 拢150 or so is it?
    So I said to the guy “I dropped my phone and cracked the screen, I’m not gonna lie about it!”
    And he gave me a new one for free.
    Yes, I paid through the nose for my phone, but I’ll do exactly the same again for my next one after service like that.


    Should still be under warranty, if not replace the battery yourself


    In my experience the nice, reasonable customers get the best service, and get the rules bent in their favour if possible.


    Go back and try again with someone else?

    I’ve been to the Buchanan St store for a warranty claim on my MPB.

    It was out of warranty and they did 拢700 of repairs to it (new logic board, HDD and RAM).

    Could be down to luck on the day.

    Premier Icon rosscopeco


    So I go to Apple last Friday but this time, I also take Mrs Rossco with me as her iPhone 5 is also showing the same signs of battery failure. To our amazement, and that of the apple genius both phones have the same issue with the batteries. So, I’m sitting there smugly thinking to myself…”excellent, they’ve got to acknowledge this issue now and swap out the batteries foc”

    Alas, No! The iPhones are out of warranty and they therefore can’t cover the ‘issue’ under their terms,

    They did however point me in the direction of the ‘supplier’ Orange under EU laws and supplied me with copies of the formal report following their hardware check.

    So I speak and email Orange / EE and here’s what we get back. How do you all think I proceed? I’m going to work on the basis that their last point is indeed the case….this is a valid claim because of the inherent fault with the battery.

    Any alternative opinions on the best way to proceed would be very welcome.

    Hello Ross,

    Thank you for bearing with me, we have received confirmation from our Legal Team which is as shown below.

    I have removed the details of who I have liaised with in this matter.

    I understand that this provides you with no solution to the matter at hand, however, given what I have been advised we are in no position to replace the handsets unless this can be proved otherwise.


    Grant McLachlan
    Business Support Advisor
    Business Support Team 5

    DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL UNLESS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED TO DO SO – for any enquiries please call 150 from your T-Mobile phone, or 08454125000 from any other phone.

    THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS IS NOT TO BE GIVEN OUT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES – again for any enquiries please call 150 from your T-Mobile phone, or 08454125000 from any other phone.

    Sent: 07 October 2013 15:21
    To: McLachlan, Grant

    There is a lot of confusion over this and I’m looking at getting some clarification onto our systems.

    In short the position is as follows

    路 If we sold the goods then we have potential liability under Sale of Goods legislation. If we are not the seller i.e. it was sold by channel then we have no potential liability
    路 Goods sold must be of Satisfactory Quality
    路 Customer may have a claim if its established that the goods are not of satisfactory quality and the fault complained of was inherent in the goods at point of sale. (in other words not customer mis-use or ordinary wear & tear)
    路 Customer has the right to advance a claim (but still has to prove goods not of satisfactory quality and suffering from an inherent fault) for up to six years from point of sale.
    路 The EU law referred to was to compel each member state of the EU to allow the customer two years from the date of sale to bring a potential claim. In the UK this was already set at and remains at six years.
    路 If the time since sale is less than 6 months it鈥檚 down to the seller to prove the fault complained of was not inherent
    路 If over 6 months from date of sale it鈥檚 down to the customer to prove fault complained of was inherent at point of sale.

    The customer鈥檚 claim under sale of goods legislation is against the seller. If the manufacturer has provided a manufacturer鈥檚 warranty the customer can also pursue the manufacturer as well as the seller.

    So in the scenario described in your email

    – As the manufacturer鈥檚 warranty has expired the customer has no right to go against Apple
    – If we sold the goods the customer can look to us but we will only have an obligation to replace or repair the damaged aspect (ie the battery) if the customer can show that it鈥檚 failure is down to an inherent fault. That I suggest is near on impossible for the customer to do.
    – The customer would also need to establish that the fault means that the goods are not of satisfactory quality. Goods will not be of satisfactory quality if the reasonable person would consider in all the circumstances that the goods are not of satisfactory quality. I think with over a year since sale the ordinary person would consider that a battery is capable of needing replacement. Much would depend on usage.

    So in short the EU law quoted is a red herring. In the UK the customer has potentially 6 years to bring a claim not 2 as provided by the EU law in question.

    As for our legal obligations to replace the battery in this particular case go, this would only occur if we were satisfied that it was an inherent fault and not wear and tear and its down to the customer to prove that is the case. Even if they could I still think it arguable that through the passage of time failure of the battery would not render it as being not of satisfactory quality.


    拢6 on eBay for a battery if it comes to it.

    Life’s too short my friend

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    The battery is likely to be classed as a consumable and not covered under any warranty in any event other than by the goodwill of the company concerned.

    Think brakes, clutches and the like with cars.

    Be wary of cheap batteries on the bay. Some are brilliant, some are crap and some are plain dangerous (badly made Li-ion batteries are a nightmare…)


    Danny B


    The irony being the probably just spent more on that laser to write that than to just replace your battery!

    Sound like eBay and a little screwdriver, followed by a new phone network at the earliest opportunity.

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