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  • CountZero

    the fact one of the richest companies in the world tries to sell itself as alternative / the underdog really sticks in my throat.

    Well, up until around five years ago, that was very much the case. It’s only since the iPhone appeared that Apple have got any kind of real public awareness. If you honestly pay attention to advertising and let it annoy you that much, I suggest you get out more and get a life.
    And what’s shitty about the software? I’ve only been using Macs since 1995, so I really know bugger-all about software, but when I have to use my computer at work, which is Windows something-or-other, I find it to be the crappiest, most unintuitive, user-unfriendly piece of shit going. Which also goes for Windows Phone. I watched someone try to find a photo on a Nokia Windows phone. It was actually embarrassing seeing this bloke struggle for several minutes just trying to find the app which had photos in, then he had to try to find the folder among several identical ones with the photo in.
    That’s shitty software.
    But that’s just the opinion of someone who actually used Macs for a living, when Apple were virtually unknown outside of the graphics/print community.


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    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    Just to provide an update on this thread, the iPad mini was very well received,

    The lack of retina screen is not noticeable to our eyes.

    It is MUCH lighter than a fully size iPad and seems to be a perfect compromise between screen size and use ability.

    Thanks to All for recommendations and advice


    Personally I’d suggest the retina due to the very significant extra performance of the new chips.

    I’d go for that regardless of screen res as it future proofs the ipad to run the latest OS for at least 3 years to come. The non retina mini is effectively running a 3yr old processor.


    The only time I notice the lack of retina screen on my ipad mini is when I try reading my (father in laws) cycle sport subscription on it. Other than that it’s more than fine.

    I might replace it in many years, but I’m not going to any time soon.

    Same with the family big iPad 3. The air isn’t enough lighter to warrant a replacement, and it doesn’t half feel heavy compared to my mini.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    If it was me buying I’d be inclined to agree with Beardo. The Retina is also 64bit so is most definitely “next generation”. However, for the vast majority of tablet users who use their iPad for internet/email and Angry Birds, the “older” ones will still be excellent.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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