Ipad fixers in West Yorks

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  • Ipad fixers in West Yorks
  • patriotpro

    The screen needs replacing. Preferably Bradford or Wakefield or anywhere in between. Anyone recommend a repairer? Where? Who? How much?

    Much obliged.


    http://www.htbl.co.uk/find-us/ These folk in Bradford fitted a new hard drive and battery in my ibook a few years back. The service was good and the price seemed fair. Someone had recommended them to me, so I reckon my experience wasn’t a one-off. Was years ago, mind. Good luck.


    These guys are in Horsforth.

    Had my iphone speaker fixed by them and it seems they also do ipad screen repairs. £100 genuine parts or £50 for replica

    Hope this helps



    I love their contradiction.

    Apple do not sell their parts, any company offering you a genuine Apple screen is likely hoping you cannot tell the difference between the fake part and the Apple original. They are using the genuine screen fallacy to scam

    And yet they offer a £100 oem option..


    Hmm that’s a very good point.

    I’ve just phoned them to ask why they are advertising genuine oem screens when they clearly state that they are not available.

    Their answer?

    He put the phone down on me 😀

    So i called back suggesting that maybe we had a connection problem.

    He put the phone down on me 😀

    It would not be at all amusing if anyone else was to call with the same question.

    Obviously in light of this – I DO NOT recommend this company at all so please ignore my first post

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    There is a company downstairs in Canary Wharf called iSmash who offer screen replacements, maybe they have other outlets?

    Tried the Apple forums?

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    It’s actually a pretty easy job to do yourself if you have some technical ability ( or just careful )
    I’d imagine it’s just the digitizer £20 – bezel £4 – and possibly a wifi ariel £3 if you cut it when removing the cracked screen.
    Plenty of guides are available online to follow.


    If it’s a recent ish model I would have thought the extra cost in having it repaired properly by Apple would be outweighed by it being easier to sell on later. Might be worth asking Apple to check their prices anyway.
    If you think you might keep it for a long time it might not be as much of an issue.

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