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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Anyone evangelical about either?

    Without a shadow of a doubt!
    Didn’t realise you couldn’t get the 10 over there, it’s in stock this side of the Tasman for $470-16gb or $570-32gb(au$)

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Anyone evangelical about either?

    Was certainly a rhetorical question and maybe just a little tongue-in-cheek 🙂

    Are those prices through the Play store?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Yep thats play store prices that I can see, there are some other google shopping results if you change to com.au

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Anyone used both?

    Anyone evangelical about either?

    I want a tablet for internetting, watching videos, messing with photos and general stuff.

    I’ve discounted a lot of other tablets as they have significantly poorer screens, making text crappy.

    Windows RT doesn’t have the app market that either iPad or Android have.

    Is there even a new camera connection kit for the iPad4? The old camera connection kit seemed to be very hit and miss whether it would work with ones camera or memory card.

    Neither have expandable storage so I’ll have to buy some WiFi NAS either way.

    Nexus 10:
    Widescreen aspect ratio (better for videos), better spec, better speakers. Cheaper. Would have to import to NZ from US or UK. Bluetooth for wireless music sending.

    iPad Retina:
    4:3 AR (better for web), better apps, expensive, available locally. Airplay for wireless music (would need new speakers).


    Nexus is noticeably lighter. This is nice if you read in bed, iPad makes arms ache.

    Root the nexus then use stick mount to’expand’ the memory with standard flash sticks, easy and cheap.


    I just got a nexus…colours are horrible on it…and i find it complicated to use; i’m a television cameraman and my work looks horrid on it. I’m going to sell mine and get an ipad. I think android is abit of a head ****.


    Both a good tablets have both at home. I prefer the ipad as the screen and feel of in my opinion are better than the nexus. Photo editing on the ipad is great loads of apps free and paid which work a treat. Videos can be a pita as you have to convert them all to apple format but apart from that cant fault the ipad at all


    Hi JT.

    iPad 4 retina here. Love it. Screen is very good and battery lasts well when high use – streaming video (Sky Go, iplayer, red bull TV, etc). No regrets.


    PS, have a cookie time apricot choclate chunk cookie for me.


    I have a Nexus 10 and its an amazing bit of kit. I am bought into the Google eco system so it works well for me.

    Only downside is SkyGo currently does not work on the Nexus 10

    Screen is awesome on it, truly amazing.

    That said I don’t know anyone who is disappointed with an iPad. I find them a bit clunky but I am used to Android and not IOS.

    Nexus 7 is very good, if thats any indicator, “it just works”. Screen good too, very light and thin.


    iPad 4 here. We like it, but can’t compare it to the Nexus as I’ve never used one.

    We have the camera connection kit (USB to lightening adaptor), there’s also a lightening adaptor SD card reader, but you have to buy this separately. The USB to lightening adaptor has always worked for us, we can transfer photos in seconds, videos take a little bit longer – but that’s to be expected. Photostream works really well too.

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    I just received my nexus this week. I am very happy with it indeed although still learning my way around. I’m blown away by photosphere, not unique to the nexus but still it’s brilliant.

    iPad 4 here. Awesome piece of kit. Screen, speed, fluidity, user experience, etc are all first class. Can only compare with a Nexus 7 which IMO is distinctly average by comparison. If the 10 is just a bigger version then I’d say that wouldn’t be my bag either. Having said that, I stopped being an Android fan years ago and am looking forward to iOS 7.

    I got the N10 to replace a netbook and it’s a bit meh to be honest. Wife has a Ipad for work and to be honest I’m not that impressed by that either.
    I can see the point of the 7″ tablets when travelling but the large one just stays at home where its only real advantage over a laptop is instant on (albeit a big advantage). The apps aren’t optimized for tablet the N10 (I believe the Ipad is better for that) so half the time my S3 phone is just as useful. I watch Netflix on it but using the TV so the screen isn’t an advantage over a laptop either.
    Kind of wish I’d got a Chrome book or a SDD laptop instead.

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