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  • Premier Icon GrahamS

    Not sure what the figure of those using the iPhone to actually shop is though.

    Dunno, I certainly do.
    Many stores also have dedicated iPhone apps for shopping, the Amazon and eBay apps are very useful for example.

    UK IE6 usage is at 5% and dropping, iOS is at 9.4% and rising. I know which I’d back.

    Do you have similar figures for Android to hand? Not trolling, genuine interest in the trends/growth patterns here.

    Have run the gamut of devices, purchased the iPad 1 when it came out, but sold it on after a few months, and upgraded the MBP instead. Biggest gripe was the difficulty it working with larger office documents, and at the time no solution to open password protected .xls sheets. Also there was no dropbox or similar so moving documents between devices was very tiresome.

    Earlier this year out of principle purchased a Xoom, which while it was good, always felt clunky, and had numerous stability problems. By far and away the biggest issue though was the lack of apps (including glaringly for me Zinio). Sold it on after a month …

    So biting the bullet have purchased an iPad 2, and have been very impressed with the developments in the overall package (i.e. the Apps as well as the device itself). Its definitely a convenience item though and I wouldn’t like to be without a desktop / laptop.

    By comparison the wife has a work provided 11″ Mac Air, and while it is impressively quick and capable, the screen feels very pillar box by comparison. The ergonomics of it as a browsing device just lack somewhat.

    Interestingly have been following the dumping of the HP tablet on the market (hence the firesales of £99 last Friday). One of the reasons behind it was the developers running the same applications on a jailbroken Ipad2 and getting twice the performance levels in return. Think they then realised it was time to pack up shop and admit defeat.

    The next iteration of the iPad will be very interesting, screen resolutions etc lesser so than the move to a virtual / cloud based system. The advantage of apple is the entire infrastructure of their product.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Do you have similar figures for Android to hand? Not trolling, genuine interest in the trends/growth patterns here.

    That Tecmark link put Android at 14.6% of mobile traffic (and rising fast).
    “In January, Android made up just 10.6% of mobile web visits. This has since increased by over 37% – in July 2011, 14.6% of mobile web visits were accounted for by Android devices.”

    Still a fair bit behind iOS, but I suspect Android will eventually outpace it. Loads of devices from different manufacturers use droid, whereas iOS is only in iPhones or iPads, so ‘droid should win out on sheer numbers.

    Meanwhile Blackberry declined to just 3.5%.


    Wow, I can’t believe this thread is still going. I made my purchase two days ago hahaha.

    Thanks, Graham. Does make me wonder why there isn’t more fuss about Android apps. Brand preference in the marketing department, perhaps!



    I tried to get a Touchpad when it was all going bandy but missed out. Ummed and ahhed about an iPad but figured I prefer Android so bought a Xoom. Come on postman!

    Kato, on a XOOM here (it auto corrects to capitals!) and very pleased so far.


    Got to wait for the postman to deliver it. They chucked in the folio case and bluetoof keyboard/mouse too

    You pleased with it Flash?

    Yes, case is a bit clunky, but that’s more of an aesthetic issue than one of practicality.

    You should get a cheap HP Touchpad at just £89.
    I did
    Link please? I could do with sommat to watch films and surf the web, but £300+ for a glorified smartphone minus the phone bit doesn’t cut it. Plus, I’m sure someone will be along soon with an Android OS hack for the HP thing.

    They all sold out pretty quickly (ie immediately) but the rumour mill says HP will be releasing some more so watch out on Twitter etc to keep up with the latest rumours.

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