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  • Ios add pop up. Anyone else jelly splash ?
  • trail_rat

    Only on singletrack world website im getting a yahoo pop up saying “everyones playing jelly splash”

    On ios 7 using safari on iphone .

    Maybe every 5 pages or so but only on stw pages.

    Do you know whats us stw towers ?

    Premier Icon nickjb

    See here. . Was just android but seems to be iOS too now

    Me too, as reported on the other thread.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I’m waiting for Houns to explain what “jelly splash” really means


    CountZero – Member

    Not an issue.


    Some dragon game yesterday.

    Make that Candy Crush Saga game app, cannot open App Store, then series of cannot open pages from Safari.

    Premier Icon Mark

    I’ve added more filters to the ad networks we use this morning. Keep reporting if it continues and I’ll keep looking for it.

    It is a ad network level problem and by that I mean it’s a major issue for all websites that use network advertising. There are a lot of websites like ours trying to get to the source of this and stamp on it.

    I’m not getting it here but it’s all over swinging sites, or so my mate tells me anyway.

    It rapidly made browsing unusable, popping up every couple of seconds with cannot find page on safari.

    So I cleared cookies and turned JavaScript off which seems to have sorted it so far. I already had 3rd party popups blocked.


    Apparently I ness to sort my android so for virus. Despite being on an iphone. Jelly splash still there too. More often if anything


    I spend far more time on here than some friends might consider healthy, but so far I’ve yet to see this pop-up. Where does it appear? I normally double-tap the main text area to expand it to full page width on my pad, so I only see ads that run across the top or bottom of the page, like Chain Reaction’s that I can see right now.
    That’s using Safari, BTW.
    I’ve not seen it on my phone, either, but I rarely use the phone anyway.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Ok here on iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.3 and safari.

    I’ll test the iPad later without loging in for more ads.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Fine here on iPhone 4S with latest iOS 7.

    But I’m a Premium member so I probably don’t see it.


    You could try using Mercury browser (theres a free version). It’s light years ahead of Safari and offers many features that make browsing faster and more enjoyable (pop ups and other stuff blocked, chrome and firefox bookmark sync, etc) – you can also change the user agent to appear like a desktop browser which might stop iOS specific issues.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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