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  • Ion K-Pact Zip review: knee pads when you need ’em
  • MrAgreeable
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    Ion K-Pact Zip knee pads are a take on a time-honoured solution: pads you can take off on the climbs and don for the descents.

    By mragreeable

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    Ion K-Pact Zip review: knee pads when you need ’em

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    I like the on-off functionality but have found, like other visco-elastic/polymer dough (D3O) materials, they transfer lots of force upon impact. It’s like the difference between falling on a mattress vs. falling on a futon. Older school foam pads may be bulkier, but sure are kinder on impact.

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    @fahzure, I get what you mean about the feel in a crash, but they meet the same shock absorption standards as EVA pads and they’re probably more comfortable to wear for most people.

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    If you google “MTB ginocchiere 10 modelli a confronto”, there’s a PDF with lab test graphs of how various types of pads (including these, and hard ones) transmit shock.

    No waaay, I fibd that makes complete sense Fahz moving away from Dainese FR pads to Scott d30 slipons.

    These do intrigue me…

    Maybe I should start crashing to justify getting a set.

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    I’ve used the normal non-zip k-pact knee pads for a fair few years now and they’re great and saved my knee’s on multiple occasions.

    Did look at the zip ones and tried a pair, but found them less comfortable than the non zip versions and just couldn’t see myself taking them on & off during rides – likelihood is I take them off, not be arsed to put them back on for ‘this short downhill’ and then crash! The normal ones are plenty comfortable to pedal in for a fair few hours even in the heat.

    The “D3O” inserts are made by SAS-Tec who’s main market is making the inserts for motorcycle leathers, so they give great protection. Find their miracle foam stuff lighter, more comfortable and more mailable when cool than D3O and some others I’ve tried

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    I’m still using a pair of Race Face Ambush(?) pads that use Velcro straps instead of the zip. They’re a bit bulky (newer ones might be slimmer) but very comfy to ride long distances in and saved my knees quite a few times. They’re no 661 Kyle Strait pads but being able to remove them without taking shoes off is just brilliant

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