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  • Sidney

    I think you may struggle a bit Duane.

    You could go down the contracting route but the ones looking for fresh graduates are limited. A lot of contracting roles usually look for experience.

    Companies taking on in this depressed environment are looking to get the right people in – inivesting time training someone for 8 months for them to bugger of is an expense most can do without.

    Maybe get a couple of years under your belt then go travelling and see what you come back to?


    Thanks, yeah that makes sense.

    Rolls-Royce seems to be full of people that starting working (often on the grad-scheme) to “get a couple of years under your belt then go travelling”, but then as they have a secure well-paying job, they never leave, and spend the rest of their life at the company. That’s what I’m worried about happening!


    Hi all,

    Kind of just thinking aloud here..

    Someone with a 2.1 in Mechanical Engineering (Masters) and a decent CV (including internship at Rolls-Royce). What’s the chances of getting short term (6-8 months) engineering work, not limited to UK? Or just get another internship?

    Been thinking quite a bit lately about what I want to do after uni (next year is my final year), and I’m scared I’ll get onto a graduate scheme, and just be sucked into a job, and before I know it, have a mortgage/kids/etc. Would love to spend a few years working for 6-8 months and then travelling for the rest of the year, just not sure how possible that is. Don’t want to be a chalet/bar/store bum, hence asking about engineering jobs, which will pay half decently, and actually look good on my CV for when I want to settle down..

    Any thoughts?


    It is the best way, I graduated, as you know in Civil Engineering, not mechanical engineering, I joined the graduate training scheme for in Balfour Beatty which I then completed, and then quit to cycle across Africa.

    When I got back from travelling I found it easy to pick up another role, either contracting, or salaried, because I had that experience with BB.

    As others have said, if you are still classed as a graduate you might find it very hard because you don’t have enough experience and companies will be looking to recruite these roles on their own graduate programs.

    The only thing keeping you at a company after a couple of years is, like you said, your fear of quitting and the unknown. I wouldn’t have pegged you down as a guy who is affraid of getting comfortable.

    Premier Icon igm

    I took a graduate programme position 20 years ago. Still here. Still enjoying it.

    It pays for bikes and boards and trips to far flung places.

    I’ve worked for one company but in Scotland, Ireland and Colorado as well as Yorkshire.

    Children do slow you down a bit*, but the year before we had our first, we had 5 foreign trips, including one each to the USA and South Africa.

    It may not be for you, but I like it.

    *but they’re fun when they do arrive.


    I also might add, I didn’t get onto a graduate training scheme but I wish I had. Although I’m at Ford now I desperately wanted to get onto theirs but the year I applied the cancelled the scheme. That would have offered rotations in different areas so giving you a better chance of finding one you like. So if you can complete a scheme like Ian did whilst getting a couple of years under your belt should make you more attractive to the recruiters when you get back from abroad!

    Premier Icon crispo

    I’m currently on a Civil Engineering Grad Scheme with one of the big contractors. Graduated a few years ago and to be honest have had some great opportunities through being on the scheme.

    As others are said it might be tricky to do any contracting work as you’ll tend to need more experience than straight out of uni. The other thing is that is costs a company A LOT in training with someone straight out of uni so they’ll not be that inclined just to take you on for a few months. I’ve heard someone say our scheme costs the company £150k + for our three year scheme.

    Saying that I have now ended up with a mortgage and getting married this summer. But I am happy with my job, it’s enjoyable and the career prospects and the company seem great!


    I don’t know about engineering as I’m from an environmental background, but my recollection of applying for jobs post graduating was that you are considered a graduate, and therefore applicable for applying to grad schemes, for a number of years after graduating.

    I know this doesn’t exactly answer you’re question but at least if you work in admin for a while and then go travelling you won’t necessarily burn your bridges with regards your gradtuate status.


    Thanks for the replies, definitely food for thought.

    I guess what’s great about the Rolls-Royce grad scheme is that you hae the opportunity to do a rotation (3-6 months normally) abroad, so East Canada, Singapore etc etc. I’m sure it’s similar with other big companies too.

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