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  • eskay

    Yes, interesting idea. I saw something similar recently that projects an image to the side of you to make cars more aware of your presence in the dark. It could project different images (red laser) the one shown projected a bike onto the tarmac.


    Just read this elsewhere. Just need to get fitted to the car now.


    Doesn’t really solve the more pressing real world problem of ‘does that puddle have a pot hole in it’?

    normal mode (140x180mm), high-speed mode (140x260mm), and team mode (300x200mm)

    I think they need to check their units of measurement. 😉


    I reckon things would happen too fast for it to be useful.


    Hmm. You’d need the source of the grid to be quite far off your sight line, otherwise the grid will look like a grid wherever the light falls and give you no useful information. You need to introduce some sort of parallax (that may or may not be the right word).


    – needs alien mother ship + high score to flash up in red.

    —pew —pew -pew.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    All the courses I’ve been on told me to look way way further ahead than that,

    Perhaps it should be speed related so it projects further ahead he faster you go.


    Looks like a good idea generally, but as mentioned above, seems to be projecting way too close to the firmest to be any use for riding offroad at night.


    All good points raised, it’s one of those things that has promise, but needs real-world testing and development to get it working effectively. I like stuey’s take, made me laff!
    IanMunro makes a good point, too, it’s the 6″ deep craters filled with water that can really bite you in the ass…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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