Interested in energy generation/supply issues?

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  • Interested in energy generation/supply issues?
  • Kit

    I should have posted this earlier (i.e. two days ago), but there’s a conference on in Edinburgh called Global Energy Systems. It finishes lunchtime tomorrow (Friday), but a couple of folk including myself have been tweeting #GES2013 and the website is I should say that I have nothing to do with this conference except attending as a delegate!

    The presentations are online from the past two days, and there will be videos of the talks too (eventually). I might put together a blog post of some of the stuff I found most interesting, but in the meantime feel free to tweet (if that’s your bag) me @VitaminCCS, but I suspect this thread might generate some heated -ahem- discussion as always 🙂

    Interesting points for starters: renewables have to face up to the incumbent oil and gas regime; nuclear CAPEX is extraordinarily (prohibitavely?) high; CCS way behind where it should be (who knew? 😉 ); interesting ideas on electricity storage (using solar to convert CO2 -> H2 -> CH4; compressed air); on-demand supply from wind.

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    Could be interesting! Thanks for posting!

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