Intense Tracer 2, mavic deemax and crossmax xl wheels, angleset and much more

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  • Intense Tracer 2, mavic deemax and crossmax xl wheels, angleset and much more
  • peateater

    YGM re. XTR front mech

    Premier Icon spxxky

    Pics of Crossmax please – ac01 AT bike-mechanic DOT com

    spxxky – will take pics tomorrow and mail them to you.


    Evening all

    All items are available for collection/viewing in peebles or can be posted at additional cost. Spent most of the day cleaning the parts for sale so will take pictures tomorrow for those interested. Mail me on glenndotmunachenatgooglemaildotcom or leave a message on here and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I think the prices are keen but always open to offers.

    1) Intense Tracer 2 frame in medium. Fitted with a pushed CCDB coil with 450lb spring. Brilliant bike that is confidence inspiring pointing down the hill but still happy to be ridden up. There is some paint loss on the drive side chain stay and on the swing arm around the lower linkage where mud and stuff gets caught on a dirty ride. Frame has been completely stripped and cleaned for sale, bearings checked and smooth. Comes with a KS i950 125mm dropper post that was freshly serviced by the original UK distributor so in great condition. £800

    2) 2011 Mavic Deemax wheels (silver) 20mm bolt through front and rear has been converted to 142 x 12mm for use on the tracer. A good a pair of second hand wheels as you will find. Since they were fitted to a trail bike they’ve not seen any hard DH action, straight, true, smooth, no dings, flats or rock strikes. Been running these UST without any issues. – £275.

    3) set of mavic crossmax xl wheels. Front can be run 20mm, QR or 15mm with risse racing adaptors (all included) rear is 135mm x 9mm qr. both wheels straight and true after Alpine Bikes service last year and very little use since. These wheels are stronger than people think and I’ve run another set out in the alps happily. £125

    4) Cane Creek angleset ZS49 1.5deg change for 1 1/8th steerer. complete with SFN. £75

    5) Chromag OSX fubars in black ao, 5deg up sweep, 8deg backsweep, cut to 725mm but unmarked otherwise – £30

    6) RCS titanium spring for fox DHX (and others I’m sure) 550 x 2.8 – £60

    7) no name plastic caged pedals from Kona Honky Inc (new and unused) – £5

    8) NC-17 seatpost, 27.2 x 340 (to seat rails), black but almost silver from raising and lowering – £5

    9) XTR M960 front mech, 31.8mm, 9sp, dual pull, tops swing, great condition – £10

    10) E13 chain device stuff – enough stuff to make 2 fully working sets with all mounting options. rollers are used but smooth with plenty of life left. 4 backing plates in total and 3 x 36T supercharger bash guards for 36T 104BCD. Guards are black, white and clear. – £50 the lot.

    11) Race face atlas 104BCD 36T metal bash guard, plenty of scratches around the circumference but straight and true. – £5

    12) hope bar end plugs, black with a few scratches – £3

    13) Race face XY layback seatposts – 3 posts but only 1 seat clamping mechanism. All 30.9mm and heavily marked from raising and lowering. 1 silver and 1 black at 330mm and 1 silver at 390mm (to seat rails) – £15 for the lot

    14) SRAM X9 3 x 9 trigger shifters great condition – £35

    15) Cane creek 400 x 2.75 steel spring, good condition – £10

    16) SRAM X9 9sp long gage rear mech, Brand new and unused – £20

    17) XT M770 34.9 dual pull TS 9sp front mech – £5

    18) Saint M806 34.9mm 9sp front mech for 57.5mm chainline, new an unused – £15

    19) 2 x sets of cateye stadium 2’s. Both hold a charge for around 2hrs. Old but still bright – £60 for the 2 sets.

    20) 3 x X9 medium cage 9sp rear mechs. Some Jockey wheels seized and worn but will clean up and make at least 1 (poss 2) usable mechs – £10

    21) 4 Maxxis high rollers 2.35’s. very little use, i’d say 75 – 90% tread left. 2 are 60A dual ply DH casing and 2 are 60A single ply – £45 for the lot.

    22) Hope pro 2 on DT 5.1 rear wheel with 142 x 12mm axle, steel freehub. True and smooth, no flat spots or dings but seen some use – £70

    Cheers for now.


    Could I also get pictures of the Crossmax wheels please if still available. Thanks.

    chillidave – no problem. will mail you some pics tomorrow


    What colour is the Tracer2 frame? Also what sort of condition is it in? Asking on behalf of a mate.

    Hi Steve

    Tracer is a lovely orange which was a non standard colour. It’s in really good condition, there’s paint loss on the rear swing arm under the lower linkage as mentioned and some chain slap but other than that nothing to report. The shock and bearings are all smooth and the dropper is fully serviced.

    What’s your pals name jut incase he/she’s mailed me?



    George, he’s currently on holiday so not sure he’s seen the message yet (I’ve facebooked him a link).
    Cheers for getting back mate.


    I’ll mail you some pics tomorrow so you can pass them on if that’s ok?



    That would be great, cheers.


    can I have photos of the crossmax wheels, if not gone already? Thanks!

    pics sent to those who requested. Please let me know if you don’t receive them since the file sizes are quite large.



    Interested in Crossmax wheels OR in Risse Adaptor off those who buy them please! 🙂

    Email to andrew(dot)evteev(at)gmail(dot)com.

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