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  • PlumzRichard

    Frame up for sale now, But there will be another Intense build to come!

    I really like how Intense frames look and I would love to buy one if it wasn’t for the snap happy chainstays.


    AAARGH why did I look at this post! I’ll post up pics of my Intenses later, and Richard you might be getting a mail about your Hard Eddie 😀


    Interested to know which snapped chainstay Intense you had?

    Personally none, but three riders I ride with and several others I know via the Pearce series etc all broke their 951’s some waiting 6months and one up to 9month for Intense to warranty replace them because Intense couldn’t keep up with the demand for replacement rear ends. I wont start on the Socom i know of that with the Mis-aligned top tube, whose warranty replacements ISCG tabs snaped and then the warranty replacement of that’s chainstays broke.

    I dont have much experience of the non DH / FR frames but the M1 / M3 / M9’s were notoriously snappy in the chainstays.

    It’s a shame as they ride great and look good, and Intense honour there warranties pretty well, but I couldnt be done with waiting 6-9 months for a replacement.


    Ooh, ooh I have one of these here Intense bicycles:

    It hasn’t snapped yet either despite being second hand! It does have a fairly sizable dent in the downtube though…

    Just re-read my earlier post and it does sound slightly more damning than I intended. They were all DH bikes rdien like they should be and raced. Still probably shouldnt have snapped.

    Like I say lovely riding bikes.

    Theres a few 29er frames on Jenson for $800 at the moment too if anyone wants a cheap one.


    Particularly if you own a 2012 Spider 2.
    Waiting for my custom spec ordered over the dog and bone to rock up.

    Any other Intense builds are welcomed to join the lineup.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Not quite a 2012 but a 2009 6.6 that I’ve built up…taken nearly a year to get it right but it’s fantastic now B-)
    Recently added the final piece – KS Lev


    When I went onto Jensons USA, I could of sworn they don’t send to the UK so I purchased mine from Tweeks instead.

    Tweeks have a lovely looking rootbeer 29 spider left


    Here’s mine which arrived from Tweeks cycles earlier today.
    So after much time deliberating over the phone on what specification to add to it, Alastair had Sam in the workshop build me this up and packed well in the box even if those pesky Parcel force munkys had ripped the end of box open to see what was in there!

    Well here it is, a shiny Spider

    Couldn’t be more pleased and can’t wait to start riding properly again.
    Seems slack enough on car park test with a 140mm fork and not too light but just right.
    Feel the VPP hug the ground instantly which I bet will track the ground very well which I have heard from other Intense owner’s.


    Vpp / vp etc feels awesome in the corners to especially when you really hammer in to a berm! go find a berm and rail it quick! Looks good, enjoy


    That is a very nice blue colour too.

    Enjoy! 🙂


    Here’s mine… love it. Its a tracer in factory raw. The Marz 66 are amazing and they’re beginning to show up the RP23 on the back. Think i’ll have a look at a CCDB or DHX soon.

    Nice Spider.


    +1 for the tracer 2. I can’t see me selling mine, it’s a savage bike. I have the CCDs air in the rear and omg it puts a smile on my fugly face!


    Frame will be for sale this month 🙂


    Wowsers, nice to see another spider, it looks carbonised to me, any more photos preferably closeups?

    Liking everyones Intense builds, seems they like to be built on the slightly burlier side as it does them justice.



    Freshly acquired SS2 😀



    No longer mine but was a itch that had to be scratched a few years ago. Loved this bike.

    Premier Icon sandal100

    My revamped Tracer 2


    2009 frame Tracer, love it

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