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  • Insuring your bike when travelling abroad
  • AB
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    Has anyone had any experience of having to insure their pride and joy when taking it on holiday?

    I’m not sure whether it requires specific insurance or whether it can be tagged onto your standard holiday insurance for a fee?

    Would obviously like to keep the cost down, but more concerned with having appropriate cover.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


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    I can’t offer any help I’m afraid but would also be very interested to know what people do to insure bikes when travelling and racing abroad

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    Pretty sure my NFU home contents (2012) and my AA home contents(2013) covered my bikes abroad as long as they were secured to an immovable object. The underwriters agreed that having them chained up in/to my van also counted (unless they stole the whole van).

    haven’t checked this year to see if there’s been any changes.

    Tom KP

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    That sounds like pretty limited cover with a lot of wriggle room for the Insurer. I guess most people’s first concern travelling is damage during the flight followed by theft from the hotel/ apartment I guess. I’d imagine it is hard to find many immovable objects in a hotel room and I’d also guess that the usual travel insurance would be a massive PITA to deal with if the bike met over zealous handlers 😕 Not to mention the potential cost of a bike probably falling outside the max value covered. Most likely worrying about nothing but the peace of mind to know there was decent cover abroad would be very much appreciated 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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