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  • Insuring an iphone 4s, help needed.
  • Afternoon all, bought the above phone on Three network for eldest daughter for christmas but baulked at the £12 a month that three wanted, i`m now thinking it may be best insured, are any of the third party ones out there any good,ie do they pay out for a claim? I have one through orange that is brilliant and any damage to my phones over the years has been replaced to my door in under 24 hours and once less than 12 hours :D.cheers in advance.


    When I bought my phone, I got all paranoid and asked, the best option suggested seemingly is via your (her) bank account, as you not only get phone insurance but other options too, for the same prices as what Three (or anyone insuring phones) wants..

    Though unless she ‘looses’ stuff regularly (claim on house insurance?), I think you’d be surprised how robust the iPhone is… I didn’t insure mine, and it’s 2/3 years old and still works fine.


    ditto bank account option. We have a RBS royalties account that costs £13 a month or something. Covers 2 mobile phones (yes even iphones- we have 2) plus car breakdown cover, annual travel policy and loads of other things we don’t use.
    I would never insure a phone through the company that sold it to me. complete rip off.

    EDIT: And I claimed for a lost phone a few years ago and they paid out- £35 excess I think.


    Did they fix that glitch where the banks insurance were using unauthorised repair centres and voiding warrenties ?


    Im with barclays and registered my phone with the insurance side of things – went to claim for an accidental damage and because I left it longer than 24 hours before contacting them they said my insurance was invalid! ****ing joke, so beware of stupid clauses if you do decide to use your bank…


    I’ve been trying to sort out my iPhone 4s insurance today too. My current company want £13.99 per month off me and it’s £12.99 with vodafones cover me insurance. I’ve just checked my home insurance and it appears that I’m covered anyway under the personal belongings section so I’ll be cancelling my extra phone insurance I reckon.


    youd be better off sticking the money in a jar every month – and using it to buy a new one if needed

    Cheers for replies, will see wether my ultra expensive house insurance covers it(still insured with mortgage provider)lazy me.


    Bank account insurance is the way to go. Mine costs me £7.50 a month yet gives me that, plus travel and home emergency, and is covering my recent 4S loss.

    The main benefit of bank account insurance, as I’ve discovered, is that you’re automatically covered and don’t need to register the handset beforehand.

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