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  • Insurance – not household?
  • jamescoulson
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    Currently in a rented property and there were various clauses in the lease which meant I had to get a particular type of tenants policy (can’t remember exact details, other than it was a ballache when I moved in!). As a consequence I’m with Endsleigh and they have limits per bike of £1500 and if it’s above this they won’t insure at all.

    Any thoughts for stand alone bike insurance to cover two reasonably high value bikes that isn’t silly money (current best quote is >£800 per year!) and doesn’t have a million and one different exclusions which means they’d worm their way out of paying any sort of claim?

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    the CTC used to do bike-only insurance, I seem to remember it was fairly expensive, but not £800..

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    You’re right they do – just tried that and it wasn’t £800… It was £903!! 😯

    Time to change household insurers me thinks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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