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  • Insurance, karma and unexpected minor victories
  • thisisnotaspoon
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    Just got a cheque through the post from Admiral after my car got written off a couple of years ago at which point they settled it 60/40 or some such, I didn’t really care as I was fully comp so it only made a difference to the excess.

    Turns out she went to an ambulance chaser for compensation, gave them a more accurate version of events than she gave her original insurers, they submitted this to Admiral who then re-assessed the whole thing in my favour ūü§£

    Minor unexpected win for me ūüėĀ

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    Haha, karma coming good in the end. thanks for the cheery story ūüôā

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    Nice one. Love stories like this. ūüĎćūüėé

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    I presume the cheque was returning the excess you had to pay?

    Of course her getting prosecuted for insurance fraud would be the cherry on top!

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    So she gave a more favourable to the other party version of events in order to bring a personal injury claim? How bizarre.

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    Back in the 60’s my dad went to a call of a car on fire in a car park in Blackpool. As  they got there they were surprised to see a police officer with a man he was holding by the collar. It turned out he had been passing when he saw a man drive into to he car park, get out of his car and then set light to it. Presumably for the insurance. A pity he didn’t just cast his eye around him before doing it

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    I’ve got the opposite at the moment…

    I was hit by an uninsured driver over a year ago.

    My fully comp insurance paid out, minus the excess ‚Äď but my insurers have an ‚Äėuninsured driver guarantee‚Äô which means they should repay me the excess.

    So far they‚Äôre refusing because they haven‚Äôt been able to reclaim the money from the uninsured ****. Which kind of defeats the point of the guarantee ūü§Ē

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    So she gave a more favourable to the other party version of events in order to bring a personal injury claim? How bizarre.

    Indeed, all she had to do was copy and paste her previous story and would have got away with it ūü§¶‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

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    Good to hear it works sometimes, always remember one of our accidents, traffic lighted junction, turning right, lights change for us, we go round only to have a girl ram into the front, turns out she was 17 and 2 weeks past her test, witness provided police and magistrate with the information, i.e. our lights had turned green, the girl appeared to have been slowing down before then speeding up. She represented herself in court, the prosecutor actually assisted her and was thanked by the magistrate for doing so, the end outcome was that they couldn’t prove her lights were red at the time, always reminds me of our mickey mouse justice system below the courts!

    She actually tried to claim off our insurance, as she was third party, thankfully the insurers used the evidence to throw out her claim!

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    Yeah I had someone ram me sideways on a roundabout (one way system, I was in the correct marked lane to go straight on, she rammed me from the left as she attempted to turn right). She was German and on holiday, 10 miles from the airport she had just picked the car up from, admitted she didn‚Äôt understand how UK roundabouts worked and admitted she was at fault). A couple of days later she had clearly been given some ‚Äėadvice‚Äô that I was in the wrong and said I was at fault and started to claim for personal injury etc. Thankfully I managed to get someone from the local police to write a letter confirming I was in the right.

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    Yeah, had the same a loooooong time ago. Had just got my car back (’87 Golf GTi 8v) from an engine re-build and was less than 400m from home when I stopped behind a Netherlands-registered minibuss at a T-junction. I was a decent distance behind him and was very surprised when his reversing lights came on and he reversed straight into my front wing.

    His fault, 100% his fault and something he admitted in writing when we met to exchange paperwork. Amazingly, his version changed when he got back to the Netherlands and my insurers started chasing him for the repair money. Apparently I drove into him.

    Long story short, the appearance of the paperwork signed by him saying he reversed into me was used as evidence and they paid up.

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