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  • Insurance for weeks trip in Wales in motorhome.
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    So I’m off to sunny Wales for a week in a motohome with a couple of mates.

    I’m really paranoid about leaving the bike in the van at all or having it knocked elsewhere.

    Can any one reccomend some insurance for a week that will cover a bike up to £3500? Home insurance isn’t an option so was looking at some kind of holiday insurance instead?


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    Not sure about your holiday but when your house insurance is up for renewal look at M&S insurance. My bike is down as a specific item (as it’s over £1000) and covered away from home, just as long as it’s in a locked room or locked to something. I’ve had them confirm this as I was unsure that would be the case

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    Probably best looking at an ‘All Risks’ type policy with a Broker.

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