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    Been quoted £90 extra a year to add my Yeti 575 (£3k) and my Ribble Sportif Bianco (£1k) to my house insurance with Esure.
    This is for when locked at home and away from home to a permanent fixture.
    How does this compare with other and if no good who would you recommend?


    I’m currently digging around for contents inc bikes, deal i’m trying to beat is +£130 for 4 bikes total value £3600….esure doesn’t seem too bad…

    Does anyone know if ‘in a locked car’ = permanent fixture?

    I asked when renewing with M&S and they have to be locked on a car, but inside the car itself the car has to be locked and ideally bikes out of view, I.e. you need to take reasonable precautions. But, wise to check with whoever you are going with to be sure.
    Adding a single bike over their new £2000 value point added £7 to my quote, but the quote for me is quite high as I can’t get a new quote with them due to flood risk and I made a claim a couple of years ago.

    Premier Icon igm

    M&S still 20% better than the next bet for me. And 100% better than compare-the-confused-supermarket.

    The increment for named bikes was far less than the Esure figures above – but that might be the area I live in.


    A warning for M&S customers. If you’re on the old policy (the one with the £4k limit now £2k) make sure you renew before it expires or they won’t renew it. I tried to renew mine a day late and they insisted on requoting under the latest terms (bikes listed over £1k). The premium went up 4.5 times!


    Just gone with AA. they cover ‘personal belongings’ up to £1,500 which is more than any of our bikes are worth, the premium is £117.

    And I will get £20 cashback…if cashback from online is your sort of thing click on my referral link!! >


    Trek Mamba,2013,£700. cost = +£40 on top of house insurance premium (home or away) with castle 50+. ok for me or get your older friend or parent to do it! (all 50+ premiums are alot cheaper) shop around and adding to house insurance seems best value. Also Iphone 4s = +£40.00(T-mobile wanted £140.00?)
    Hope this helps.

    plus one

    Double check your AA policy they gave me a good quote so I phoned to double check a few things and found out it wasn’t new for old !!!! They would offer market value ????

    Went with Swinton

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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