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    Done this throughout our house. Started off by trying stapling nets on the joists which was hopeless. Best solution was thin battens nailed across the joists. Used standard sized loft insulation and threaded it over the small wooden battens. Reckon it is warmer and a job well done.
    It was a sweaty and nadgery job but all done. Lag the pipes too if they need it.


    You could use the foil wrapped insulation, that can be stapled in place plus its nice to work with.

    Are you meant to do this as my brother is a builder and says that there is a space underneath the floor boards so that the wood can breath and not sweat and get damp. Insulating them just makes them sweat???
    Just my thought 🙂


    Don’t fully fill the space- leave a gap below and you should be ok. Also best to use foil face towards the upper side or you can get condensation in the insulation that can make the wood wet and incourage rot


    coming from the other thread about wooden floors who has one that is insulated underneath, what did you use, how easy was it and does it work?

    Anything I should know?

    No chance I’m lifting the floor but there is a massive gap beneath it, 4 foot in places so work underneath would be easy enough. I can get access through the under stairs cupboard where the floor boards are lifted for access to pipes and electric.

    Also planning on having a builder in soon so might be an ideal time if it is easier/nicer for someone else to do.

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    Had exactly the same scenario – big Victorian terrace with bare wooden floors throughout and a similar cavity under the floor. I used a rockwool product (“flexi”? It was a few years ago so I may have that wrong) that is rigid enough to hold itself in position between joists. We cut it to size, fitted it, then stapled some wire beneath just to make sure it didn’t move over time. Left room at the walls to make sure we weren’t limiting air circulation down there. 3 or 4 years later and it makes a huge difference to the warmth of the place.

    Fitting it was no fun though. Our cavity is mostly only 2-3 feet high I’d guess. I got some paid help in…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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