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  • richyb78

    I’m looking to insulate my 8 x 6 shed as I am going to use it as a small workshop.

    It’s a 18mm T&G no windows with a 50x75mm frame, so I’ve got a 75mm depth between the joists for insulation.

    I want to insulate it for warmth through the winter but also for sound proofing purposes as I have a tiny garden, the sheds located near to my neighbours and I don’t want to upset them with the noise of power tools.

    I’m not expecting miracles from doing it but want to do what I can to try and limit the noise without spending thousands.

    I’m thinking some 75mm Rockwool Acoustic slabs (RW3?) between the joists and panelling out with 12 or 18mm ply or OSB (does anyone know what is denser?) doing the same on the roof and door.

    Do I want Tyvek or similar somewhere either on the shed wall before I insulate or on the insulation before the ply?

    Anyone done anything similar with any success or any other method that may be more effective?



    I recently insulated a garden building & bought a load of celotex insulation from a company called Seconds & Co. They have an eBay shop & even with £40 delivery, I saved a lot of money.

    Premier Icon twisty

    Wondering what peoples experience is regarding vapor barriers needed for this kind of work. I guess a membrane below the ply would be all that is required to stop condensation, althogh putting another layer up first on the other aide of the insulation will probably improve noise and warmth insulation by improving air tightness.

    Rigid board celotex type boards will be better than semi rigid rockwool batts, but also more expensive and way more hassle to install.

    For soundproofing an important thing is to make sure there are no little holes or gaps,attention to detail and a can on expanding foam required.

    Bit of an off the wall idea for the wall cladding, use t&g chipboard flooring, it is cheap, dense, 8′ long and locks together for airtightness and sound insulation.

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    How much potential condensation do you think you’ll be getting in a workshop? Maybe a little if you’re regularly using a turbo in there, but I reckon the ventilation will still be pretty good.

    I used various off-cuts of Celotex etc left over from building our extension, plus a bit of rockwool behind boards, and it’s been fine.


    did my garage a few years ago.
    from out in the order in the walls goes..

    existing single block wall
    1cm gap to stud wall with only header footer attached (air gapped from outter wall – mainly for acoustics)
    packed with rock wool (as it was on offer)
    stapled vapour barrier to studs to hold rock wool up

    floor goes..

    concrete floor
    DPM (barrier)
    rockwool inbetween
    vapour barrier
    tongue n groove floor boards, underlay, carpet.

    pretty good and only need to use a mini oil rad from oct -> mar and eletric bar heater jobber around xmas/new year unless its really cold (snowing/ice outside)


    Thanks Guys!

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