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  • Insulated Jacket for bikepacking
  • honourablegeorge
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    Any ideas? Something for sitting outside at the pub, sitting around at night, etc

    Packing down as small as possible a priority, also don’t want to spend a fortune on something that will live most of the time squished into a bag. Synthetic preferred.

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    I bought a hooded down DHB jacket from CRC/Wiggle, for about £55. Much nicer than expected for the price and packs down relatively small in the suff sack provided. Was proof enough for me that you dont need to spend a ton on stuff, especially when its likely to have a rough and muddy existence when bikepacking.

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    I’ve a Montane one.

    I use that rather than fancy expensive Patagonia one (pretty much for reasons stated).

    Forget what and what price (but it was around 55-60 at the time but on sale, I think)

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    Montane prism is a great jacket. Though fireball or prism ultra will probably pack down smaller

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    I use a Montane Prism for this. Packs into its pocket to make a great pillow. Doesn’t compress down to a tiny size but it’s small enough if you squish it.

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    decathlon do an ace down one for around £50 750 down packs tiny

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    Prism also.

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    ^take your pick.

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    Endura Flipjak

    This is a superb bit of kit. I bought one a few years ago. Warm, comfy and squishes down really well.

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    Any down insulated jacket packs down very small. I can get my alpkit filo down to fit into something the size of a large orange.

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    In order of warmth requirement

    Montane Prism vest – lives in bike bag all year as emergency warmth for very little weight
    Montane Prism jacket – for when it gets colder and benefit of hood
    Rab synthetic when winter (can’t see type on label)

    All of which were ebay’d for under 50

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    Just got a jackwolfskin one reduced in a sale.
    Big hood on it which is a bonus.

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    I’ve a down jacket, synthetic equivalent, but tbh the polartec alpha gets taken pretty much every time, Unless it’s gonna be proper cold.

    Mines a montane, which I got from their outlet site, it’s brilliant.

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    I use my Endura insulated gilet for this (it uses Pertex Gold) with my waterproof jacket over the top. In hindsight I wish I’d bought the OMM gilet instead as its less bike specific.

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    For comparison I also have a Prism jacket and a (much warmer) Rab primaloft jacket but prefer a gilet for bike packing.

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    Unless you get into bigger money they all do roughly the same thing

    More money gets you
    – better cut
    – better/lighter fabric
    – better/lighter insulation

    At the cheap end of the scale they’ll still be warm, but maybe not as light and not as compressible

    Cheap and cheerful is Decathlon, it’s good and it’s cheap. Pretty light and compressible. I found the cut a bit meh

    I have LOADs of insulated jackets and gilets, my current two faves are the OMM rotor and Berghaus Hypertherm

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    The decathlon synthetic one lives in my camelback for emergencies.

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    My personal favourite is a Patagonia Nanopuff pullover. Spendy but it gets worn all the time, dog walking, bikepacking, even use it for skiing and snowboarding and it was a lifesaver on an ultra run once too. Given how much it gets used it’s showing no real signs of wear either so worth the price IMO.

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    I got one of these

    Stuffs down to about the size of a bottle of plonk, comfy, warm, breathes well for riding in, only downer is the hood, which is practically worthless (I’ve unzipped mine)

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    I have an OMM Rotor smock – works well as 3 season quick extra layer as the evening cools at camp. Not a full down jacket but much smaller and lighter.

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    I’ve got a prism too. Synthetic primaloft, so doesn’t pack as small as some down jackets, but great in all weathers and super versatile. Small enough for lightweight bikepacking duties.

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    Sound like you need a Drinking Jacket*
    Prism as suggested by many above.

    *Winter ride home from the post ride pubstop jacket.

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    Prism here. But for what you describe I’d go decathlon.

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    If it’s likely to get damp, I use an OMM Primaloft gilet. If dry, a Haglofs down jacket. The latter weighs 170g and packs down tiny. The former 240g and packs into the same volume as the Haglofs jacket. Sans sleeves obv.

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    Just a note to those who store their down jacket/gilet stuffed away somewhere – this is not recommended, as this will affect the ability of the down to “loft” and make it less effective at keeping you warm.

    Decathlon long sleeve hooded down jacket, here – ample for bikepacking/ post ride pub stops and only about £30

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    OMM rotor gilet for me. If it’s a bit colder, my waterproof jacket goes on top. If it’s going to be colder than that then it’s indoors time for me.

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    I got the decathlon down gilet for just this. Cheap light and packs down really small. If I’m bikepacking I’ll be carrying a waterproof jacket so the gilet provides warmth for my core.

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    I’ve got a variety of jackets and best warmth/cost/packsize wise is decathlon down jobbie. Brilliant for the money. Not one for damp conditions though.

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    Get a synthetic which consists of a mat of insulation stitched to the fabric, rather than loose filling in chambers a la down garments. Easier to care for, won’t lose the filling if you rip it. I’ve got a 10 year old Patagonia Nanopuff (primaloft) that I’ve basically lived in for a decade. Scuffed and ripped, still does the job. I got it half price at Needlesports at the time. Would I pay full price for the current version (which now has a hood and pockets)? Absolutely.

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