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  • mmel

    Morning all

    Gonna have a go at installing a token on my Pikes this afternoon but notice that the top cap needs to be torqued to 28nm after fitting. This seems quite a lot and since my wrench only goes up to 26nm what am I to do!?!

    Many thanks


    You just set it to 25Nm, even with a torquewrench you will tighten the bolt more than you set it for. Unless you really know how to use a torquewrench in the right way.


    Talking of Pike tokens, did you get these in the box?

    I have just purchased some Pikes but fist receive any.
    I bought the dual position air version (160mm) if that makes any difference.


    Mine are solo air, not sure how the dual position works with regard to tokens but I got two in the box.


    I’ve read the whole thread through twice and I’m still no wiser. What are these ‘tokens’ you’re on about?
    Am I really stupid or something? I don’t understand. 😐

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    They’re just a spacer to change the air volume.

    I thought you’d know that working in the trade. 😆

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    They only work with Solo Air models. Dual Air assembly won’t accept them.


    So if I’m fat (90kgs) and talentless, how many do I need for my 150mm solo airs on a yeti sb66 if I’m going to chuck myself down an alpine trail?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Im in a similar demographic campfreddie and ive stuck 2 in mine (160mm)and its working really well, id be intrigued to try a 3rd one but pretty happy as is

    I am 85kg and put one token in, made a noticable difference for me. Was bottoming out on 3/4ft drops now I just about reach full travel. Forks feel great.

    EDIT: forks are 26″ 150 solo airs.


    campfreddie – Depends if you feel the fork is bottoming out too easily when you run your preferred amount of sag.

    I’m around 100kg kitted up and I get a nice 25% sag with 90psi. This was working well, but at Stiniog last weekend I had a couple of bottom outs and felt that a token might help… I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Oh and as for getting 28Nm from my torque wrench, gonna use some math and use some kind of home made extension.

    I worked out that T2=T1.y/(x+y)

    Where T2 is the torque to set, T1 is The torque required, x is the length of the extension and y is the length of the torque wrench.

    Don’t you love saying math instead of maths, makes you sound all american 😯

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