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    Just wondering then if yours is Petrol or Diesel as mines Diesel and obviously the nozzles are different ?

    Diesel also. You need to bring the nozzle in perpendicular to the filler and then once in, angle the handle downwards.

    All else fails, there’s a funnel in the boot you can use to override it (in case you’re overseas or otherwise find a non-standard pump). (-:

    The Fiestas fuel filler is on the nearside.

    I always get those terms confused. That’s the passenger side, yes? Mine’s on the other side. It sticks in my mind because every Fiesta I’ve ever driven (right back to a 1977 one I used to own) has had the filler on the ‘other’ side to to pretty much everything else I’ve ever driven.

    (EDIT: I just realised, I mistyped in the last edit when I said ‘driver’s side’, I’d got it back to front. Must’ve been standing on a mirror, or something.)


    People at work who point out that I’m wearing shorts. I know I’m wearing shorts, this doesn’t need to be brought to my attention.


    people who CC the world and his !@#*ing wife into mundane emails.
    People who always use the word “utilize” rather than just…. use.
    People (usually ‘mericans) who say “December eleven” and miss off the th/st.
    People who mumble

    so very, very many things. Far to many to list. Although my sanity has been infinitely improved by moving to the desert away from most of the human race and not having a television.

    However I fully reserve the right to incapacitate anyone using the phrases ‘Well Jel’ or ‘Yolo’ in my presence.

    Premier Icon on and on

    Is it really nessesary at this time of year to have the heating turned up so friking high yet have the staff in t – shirts.
    If I walk in off the street all toasty – what the hell makes you think I want to spend time and money getting heat raped in your store?
    I don’t.

    Make the staff wear coats and spend less pi55ing heat away every two seconds when the door opens ………….

    At the moment it’s the fat, ugly mothers who smoke in the school grounds at pick up time, they genuinely look like something from Jim Hensons workshop

    As I rapidly approach 40 I’m finding more and more things wind me up though, not sure who said it but if your not a socialist in your 20s you have no heart and a conservative by your 40s you have no mind and I’m becoming more Daily Mail every day

    Mister P

    Grown men riding bikes on the pavement, especially when there is a cycle lane.


    Grown men riding bikes on the pavement,

    X 100000


    People not de-icing/de-misting their windscreens properly before setting off and then driving along erratically at 15mph peering out of the bottom clear bit holding me up…


    Groups of people who walk into a busy coffee shop, join the back of the queue I’m near the front of (and have scoped my seat out), leave one to get the drinks and then sit down. where the hell am I and the 8 people in front of you going to sit now?

    boils my piss

    very specific, but people who walk in the cycle lane on the bridge from the SECC in Glasgow across the expressway. The two lanes are not for ‘up the way’ and ‘down the way’



    – People who don’t indicate when driving, so you wait for them to pass & they turn off before they get to you
    – People who accelerate hard up slip lanes in an attempt to undertake you, rather than just merge into the half a mile of empty road behind. Then when they only manage to get their 1.2 Corsa level with you, expect you to slow down & let them in or move out a lane
    – People who insist on overtaking you just before an exit slip, only to cut in front, slam on the brakes & disappear up the slip road, when they could have just pulled in behind you.
    – People who want to show how powerful they are by overtaking in the least possible space, i.e, approach my rear bumper until they are 2 feet from it, pull out, but not completely into the next lane, scythe past & nearly take the front of my car off pulling back in even when I am on the 4 lane stretch of the a1 & they have 3 lanes to use for overtaking
    – you park as close to a pillar/bollard on one side in a multi-storey as you can to leave as much room inn the free side of your car as you can for opening the door. You come back to find the neighbouring car that was there has gone to be replaced by a RR Sport parked 20cm from your door having used up all the extra space you ‘created’

    – people in shopping centres/train stations/pedestrian areas who dawdle along, but even though they are facing away from you, seem to be able to thwart your attempts to overtake by meandering in exactly the same direction as your overtaking path
    – People who you hold a door for that walk through & don’t even acknowledge you, as if it is their god given right to waltz through while you hold it open
    – People who insist on turning their phone on the instant the plane lands & then rush to stand in the aisle for 20 mins moaning about how slow the doors are to open

    – my phone keyboard when it knows jolly well what I want to type but just puts random crap down instead

    – the handles on our kitchen cupboards that are just the right height to get caught on my trousers pocket if I lean on the kitchen side when I get in from work

    – the bag I use for work that never seems to stand up on it’s own, falls off my shoulder & generally does it’s best to be annoying

    – my ability to lose something even though it was just in my hand a second ago. Usually when working on the bike

    – the power button on my laptop that sits flush with the surrounding plastic & is right ovthe edge so when I pick it up from the floor, having put it down shortly before, I invariably turn it off

    – Pro/E for being a million times more rubbish than Solidworks

    There’s more, but i’ve run out of steam…

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    People who post “I just spat tea/coffee over my keyboard reading that!”

    No, you didn’t.

    Erm, sometimes i actually have spat a bit of coffee out. It causes a bit of confusion in my large open plan office where I’m ‘working’

    Mines insignificant as it’s about my sport that no other bugger plays. At the level of hockey i play at each club provides an umpire and it drives me mental when the ump from the other club is being a ba*tard and trying to rig the game for them.
    I didn’t travel to have you ruin my game with your blatant misinterpretations of the rules or seeing offenses when there are none (Ben Rhydding and City of York HC’s I’m looking at you especially)

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